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From: "S.M. Schlack" <>
Subject: [MORAVIAN] Passion Week Manual / Readings for Holy Week
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 09:46:44 -0500

I purchased at a thrift shop, three 1932 "Passion Week Manuals," two 1969
"Readings for Holy Week."
Title page: "The Passion Week Manual, The History of the Sufferings, Death
and Exaltation of the Saviour - Revised Edition - The Moravian Book Shop,
Bethlehem, Pa." They belonged to Mary Jane WESSELS of W. Center St.,
Nazareth PA and Frank WESSELS of the Zinzendorf Bible Class. The newer
"Readings..." belonged to Ralph and Ryan R. LAHR of Penn St. in Nazareth,

Foreword 1932: "The Passion Week Manual is an extract from the Harmony of
the Gospels, and contains the last discourses and acts of the Saviour,
together with the history of His sufferings, death, resurrection, and
ascension. The several portions are read in the special [evening] services
of the Passion Week, on Easter Day and Ascension Day."
"The Bible Text used is...the American Standard Edition of the Revised
"This edition...includes hymns, or stanzas of appropriate points
in the reading. For the most part, the hymns selected are those sanctioned
by long established usage in these services...Numbers which appear...above
each hymn...indicate hymn numbers, Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian
Church, edition of 1923, at which the tunes named [no music, folks, just
tune names and tune numbers]..."...the tune numbers, familiar to many and in
vogue in the Moravian Church since the middle of the eighteenth century when
Grim collected and Gregor published the tunes then in use...and arranged
them according to meter."

For me, these services are a bridge from my spiritual ancestors to the
Moravian Church of today. I bought these to give away, so please contact me.
The Moravian Church website at gives an interesting history
(almost 250 years) of this publication, and offers three different versions
of "Readings for Holy Week," now available with music!

Susan Schlack
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