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Surname: Smith, Geddes, Clark, Cowie, McIntosh, Thomson, Murray, Jack,
McRobbie, Wood, Marshall, Gregor, Sievewright, Leys, Mackay, McEwen, Duguid,
McNaughton, Coull, Cormack, Sinclair, Herd, MacKenzie, Campbell, Sutherland

During my surfing I found these articles in which someone else may find
a relative or just find interesting reading.
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100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of June 21st, 1900

FROM THE LONG ISLAND Owing to the lack of work a number of women gutters
arrived here from Stornoway on Friday evening.

ZULU LAUNCHED Mr George SMITH launched last week from his yard the largest
Zulu boat he has ever turned out. She is the Jane Bowie, BF 409, and is
owned by Alex GEDDES Bosen, fisherman, Buckpool. Her dimensions are:-
keel 57 feet, overall 75 feet, beam 19 feet 6 inches; depth 11 feet. She
was taken to Buckpool harbour where she is being fitted out for the herring

100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of August 9th, 1900

BOY RESCUED FROM SEA Yesterday about noon, a boy of about ten or twelve
years of age, son of Mr William CLARK, fisherman, Ianstown, while on the
north extension of the Cluny Harbour along with other boys, was washed
by the sea into the harbour. The lad had clung to a piece of wood which
had kept him afloat for ten minutes before he was rescued by William Coup
COWIE from his boat which was passing at the time. Earlier, a fisherman
with a rope tied around him made a gallant, but futile attempt to rescue
the boy, who was landed at the west pier and carried home on another boys
back. It may be mentioned that the same sea which carried off the boy also
swept a 2-ton log of wood, with an iron rail attached, into the harbour
where it sank.

BUCKIE FISHING A special fish train was requisitioned on Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday and two trains on Saturday, while trucks were sent by
the mail train. The number of wagons despatched daily were: Tuesday 25,
Wednesday 18, Thursday 20, Friday 15 and Saturday 30. Total for week 108.
The cost of these fish to the fresh buyers would exceed 2000 considerably,
and the railway carriage would add another 1000 to that sum.
100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of September 6th, 1900

HERRING FISHING Although the East Coast herring fishing will still continue
to be prosecuted at the larger ports for a week or two, the season may
now be practically considered at an end. Buckie fishermen have in the past,
had better landings, although there was a larger proportion of big shots
and a less general fishing than last year, yet prices have been so high
as to compensate for this.
100 YEARS AGO From the "Banffshire Advertiser" of September 13th, 1900

FISHING Most of the boats have now returned from the East coast ports
and a considerable number have been beached by Cowies engines. A few boats
have already left for the English fishing.

SALE OF BOAT-BUILDING YARD The boatbuilding yard and plant belonging to
the trust estate of J & W McINTOSH, Portessie, was exposed for sale in
Saturday. The sheds and plant, together with the machinery and a small
oil engine, were purchased by Mr W R McIntosh, Ianstown at 131. Several
lots of timber were sold at fair prices. The sale realised close on 230.
Mr Badenoch, Portsoy, was auctioneer, on behalf of Messrs THOMSON, MURRAY
& Co.
100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of September 20th , 1900

LOSS OF SCHOONER A telegram was received on Thursday intimating the loss
of the schooner Salome, at Anholt, Denmark. The vessel left Portsoy on
the previous Friday with a cargo of herrings for Konigsberg, in command
of Captain L JACK. The Salome is owned by Mr G G McROBBIE, merchant, Portsoy.

ARRIVAL OF PLEASURE LAUNCH The steam launch Maz-i-vara, recently purchased
by Mr J WOOD, Grocer, from Mr Henry MARSHALL, Fraserburgh, arrived here
on Saturday, and created considerable interest. During the afternoon Provost
GREGOR, Bailie SIEVEWRIGHT, Mr LEYS and several others had a pleasure trip
to the Scar Nose and back, and were much pleased with her capabilities
as a pleasure boat. The boat has been floated as a joint venture, and the
shares which stand at 1 each, have already been fully subscribed. The
vessel has a smart appearance, and will be a decided acquisition to the
attractions of Turriff as a summer resort.
100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of November 15th, 1900

IMMERSION IN THE HARBOUR On Sunday afternoon about 4 oclock, a girl,
about six years old, daughter of Mr Joesph CAMPBELL, East Quay, inadvertently
walked over the quay into the harbour. An old fisherman, named George SUTHERLAND
Do, bravely jumped into the harbour and kept the girl afloat till the
arrival of assistance, when both were rescued. The girl was unconscious
when brought ashore, but under the treatment of Dr Duguid, jun., she revived.
Great praise is due to Mr Sutherland for his prompt and courageous action.

100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of November 22nd 1900

RETURN OF FISH-WORKERS A special east coast train arrived at Aberdeen
on Tuesday conveying fishworkers from the Yarmouth district, where they
have been employed during the England east coast herring fishing season.
The workers, who chiefly belong to the fishing stations on the Moray Firth,
left for their homes in the course of the day.

SALE OF GRIMSBY HERRINGS The Buckie fishing boat BF 1115 (R Thomson, skipper)
shot her nets off Grimsby last week her catch amounted to 5 crans which
she carried straight home to Buckie, arriving here on Thursday. On Friday
morning the fish fetched 12s 6d a cran. About 400 miles is the longest
tun with herrings we have heard of.

FISHING BOATS HOME All the Portknockie fishing boats that were on their
way home are now accounted for. When they were overtaken by the gale last
week three put back to Yarmouth and the others found shelter either at
Scarborough, Hartlepool or North Shields.
100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of January 10th 1901

HERRING FISHING Over seventy men left by the first train on Monday morning
to take home their boats from Peterhead, where they had been laid up after
the English fishing. They had a remarkably quick passage, arriving the
same morning. Of the boats berthed at Portknockie some 15 ventured out
on Monday, and shot their nets ten miles off Troups Head. Unfortunately
some of the nets got fouled, the more readily that they were dry and new
and the weather rough, and there was great destruction. There were herrings
caught of fair quality early as the season is, and on Tuesday, 14 boats
came in with an average of two crans. Highest catch seven crans which brought
14s 9d to 44s per cran.

BOAT WRECKED A most regrettable calamity has overtaken the Portessie
fishing boat Brilliant BF 1983 which was totally wrecked at the mouth
of the Wick river about seven oclock on Tuesday night, and her skipper,
Murdo MACKAY, about 60 years of age drowned. It seems the crew intended
calling at Wick harbour, but on entering the bay a heavy sea was found
to be running. The boat was driven among the boulders at the back of the
north quay.
100 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of March 28th, 1901

THE NEW FISHERY CRUISER Last evening the new Fishery Board Cruiser Minna
(Captain McEWEN, late of the Norma) which has been policing the Moray Firth
for some time past, paid her first call and lay off Buckie. Dr DUGUID,
Fishery Board member, Mr J L McNAUGHTON, coastal secretary of the Moray
Firth Fisheries Association, and Dr W R Duguid paid a visit to the vessel,
and were highly pleased with her appearance. One of the crew is a Buckie
fisherman, Alex COWIE, 18 New Street, but Captain McEwen last night took
aboard a second Buckie fisherman, named George COULL, 13 Mid Street, as
another member of the crew. The Minna left about 7 oclock for Granton.
There are now seven Moray Firth fishermen among the Minnas crew taken
from Buckie, Lossiemouth, Cromarty and Thurso. The Minna is 152ft long,
and has a speed exceeding 12 knots.

NEW STEAM LINER The building of a new steam drifter is proceeding apace
at Yarmouth. The Star of the Sea was launched last week for Buckie owners.

BOAT LAUNCHED There was launched from the yard of Mr Alexander CORMACK,
Ianstown, on Monday, one of the largest Zulu boats yet built. The cabin
is splendidly fitted up. She is named the Vine BF 517, and is of the
following dimensions:- Keel 59ft, Beam 19ft 7in, Overall 79ft 8in, Depth
11ft 6in. The owners are Messrs Alex THOMSON and Jas. SINCLAIR.
50 YEARS AGO From the Banffshire Advertiser of February 21st, 1951

FISHING Mr Hector McNeil, Secretary of the State for Scotland informed
Mr Hector Hughes MP that he does not feel justified in agreement with the
request of Aberdeen Skippers and Mates Association. Mr McNeil states that
the Moray Firth has been closed to trawling by British vessels since 1892,
both in the interests of inshore fishermen and to conserve stocks of fish
for which the Moray Firth is nursery area. Mr McNeil has also written to
Mr W S Duthie MP for Banffshire stating that he realises the deep anxiety
of the herring industry about the economic difficulties it is experiencing.
He said these were largely due to the fall in the demand at home for herring
and to the difficulties in selling British herring whether cured or klondyked
at home or abroad.

LOCAL SHIPBUILDER DIES Mr James HERD, partner in the well-known shipbuilding
form of Herd and MacKENZIE, Buckie, died at his home Cairndhu, Station
Road, Findochty, on Tuesday last, after a short illness lasting about two
months. Mr Herd served his apprenticeship with the firm of Denny Bros,
Dumbarton, and in 1903, along with Mr T MacKenzie, he set up in Findochty
the firm which bears their names. The firm flourished and later moved to
their present site at the east end of Cluny Harbour, Buckie where for many
years they had a great reputation for the building of fishing vessels.
A keen churchman, Mr Herd was for many years preses of Findochty Church
of Scotland. He was also a well-known figure at the meeting of Fordyce
Presbytery. Aged 73 Mr Herd who was also a Justice of the Peace, is survived
by his wife and family of six daughters and two sons.

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