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From: "George Watt" <>
Subject: Re: [MORAY] The Innes Saga continues
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 10:27:14 -0400

Is this your family William,

BlairfindyGRANT, Johnheadwid43farmer 100ac. 6 serv.Inveravon61
BlairfindyGRANT, MargaretsisterU36Inveravon61
BlairfindyGRANT, AnndauU22Inveravon61
BlairfindyGRANT, GeorgesonU20Inveravon6

BlairfindyGRANT, ChristinadauU18scholarInveravon61
BlairfindyGRANT, Johnson14scholarInveravon61
BlairfindyGRANT, Margaretdau12scholarInveravon61
BlairfindyGRANT, Williamson8scholarInveravon61
BlairfindyGRANT, Elspetvisitorwid74Inveravon61
BlairfindyDUNCAN, Jessievisitor14Mortlach61

The only place that resembles "Below" is Belnoe in the Braes of Glenlivet

The place names Blairfindy and Laggan are both farms fairly close together
in Glenlivet not more than a mile South of the Glenlivet (Minmore )

Next question please ??

George in Ottawa

>Subject: [MORAY] The Innes Saga continues
>Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:53:12 EDT
>Hi again folks. I finally received the extrats for the children of William
>Innes and Margaret Grant. They gave me the necessary information to be able
>look further into the Grant side of my family but I do need some help on
>a) the extract says that William and Margaret were married November 1850 at
>Below Glenlivet. What or where is Below Glenlivet. I wonder where they were
>b) Margaret Grants ( wife of William Innes ) mother was definitely Mary
>Grant. It says that she came from two different places; 1) Clash of
>Blairfindy 2)
>Laggan. My question is; where are these places?
> More to come.
>Thanks for the past help.
>William in Canada
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