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Subject: [MORAY] Innes gravestones Kirkmichael Churchyard near Tomintoul, Scotland
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 07:46:53 EDT

The following are the inscriptions on the Innes family gravestones which lie
together in the Kirkmichael Churchyard near Tomintoul, Scotland. The Km will
be the stone marker. My immediate ancestors are No.6 Km.74.

William in Canada

1) Km.69 ) In memory of ALEXANDER INNES, Easter Fodder Letter, who died 1878
aged 63
Of his wife JANE WYLLIE who died 1884 aged 66.
Also of his sons JOHN INNES who died in New Zealand 1881
aged 42, CHARLES
INNES M.A., Head Master, Commerce Street, Public School,
Aberdeen who died
1881 aged 34.
Also of his daughter MARGARET INNES, wife of CHARLES
McHARDY, merchant
In Aberdeen, who died 1887 aged 37.
Also of seven children who died in infancy.
JANE INNES who died in Aberdeen 1893 aged 51.
Also in memory of ANDREW MAGGIE and ALICE MELDRUM aged
23, 16 and 15.
And of their mother ELSIE INNES or MELDRUM who died 19 Oct.
1924 aged 72.
JAMES MELDRUM her husband died 24 Feb. 1927 aged 84.

2) Km.70) WILLIAM INNES, late farmer, Wester-Fodder Letter, died 20 Mar.1864
aged 54.
MARGARET GORDON died 3 Feb. 1889 aged 80.
JOHN INNES, died 8 Jun.1854 aged 22.
Also of the under mentioned ALEXANDER INNES died 3 Apr. 1902
aged 73.
And MARGARET STUART his wife died 30 Jul. 1917 aged 54.
In loving remembrance of my dear wife MARY GRIGOR LAING who
31 May 1930 aged 27.
And of my son JOHN who died in infancy

Died in Sherburn Hospital, Durham 4 Feb.1944.
Erected by ALEXANDER INNES , in grateful remembrance of his
parents and brothers

P.S. Also of ELSIE ANN INNES, beloved wife of GEORGE HARLE, who
died at
Trimdon Village, County Durham, 13 Oct. 1954.

3) Km.71) Erected by JOHN INNES, Blacksmith, Tomachlaggan, in memory of his
MARY McDONALD, who died 25 May 1800 aged 40.
Also of his affectionate wife MARGARET STUART who died 4
Feb. 1830 aged 32.
And the said JOHN INNES who died 19 Mar. 1863 aged 75.
And his daughter ELIZABETH who died 29 Sep.1872 aged 42.

4) KM.72) In memory of WILLIAM INNES, farmer, Easterton, Glenlivet, who died
7 Jun.1880
Aged 72.
And of his son WILLIAM, who died 27 Mar. 1860 aged 12.
And of his wife HELEN INNES or GRANT who died 19 Jul. 1898
aged 83
And their daughter ELSIE who died 19 Jun. 1934 aged 82
Also in loving memory of GEORGE INNES, farmer, Easterton,
Glenlivet, who died
There 14 Nov.1918 aged 72.
Also of MARGARET ANN BURNESS, wife of the above GEORGE INNES,
who died at
Dufftown 24 Apr. 1955 aged 87

5) KM.73) Erected by WILLIAM INNES North America
To the memory of his father JAMES INNES, late farmer,
Muire, Glenlivet, who died
29 Apr. 1839 aged 62
His brothers and sisters JOHN who died 12 Jun.1825 aged 18
ALEXANDER who died 10 May 1829 aged 21.
ELSPET who died 1 Dec. 1829 aged 13.
HELLEN who died 4 Dec.1829 aged 15.
ELIZABETH who died 5 Apr. 1839 aged 23.
THOMAS who died 30 Apr. 1839 aged 21.
And of his mother BARBARA STEWART who died 23 Jun.1853 aged
And of the said WILLIAM INNES who died in North America on 19
Oct. 1852

6) Km.74) In memory of MARGARET GRANT, spouse to WILLIAM INNES, Craighead,
Died 22 May 1859 aged 33.
Also of their daughter MARGARET died 3 Feb.1881 aged 21.
Also of MARGARET SHAW, second spouse to WILLIAM INNES,
Craighead, died
31 Oct. 1890 agted 55.
Also the said WILLIAM INNES, who died Craighead, Glenlivet,
25 Jul. 1900 aged 79.
Also of his daughters JESSIE, who died at Aberlour, 5
HELEN DICK, died at Battle, Sussex 2 Feb. 1949 aged 80

7) Km.75) Erected by CHARLES INNES, Bellone , Glenlivet.
In memory of his beloved spouse ANN INNES who died 24 May
1839 aged 52
Also of their son Corporal WILLIAM INNES of the Second
Battalion Scots Fusilier
Guards, who died at London 29 May 1840 aged 25.

8) Km.75) Erected in loving memory of JOHN INNES, who died at Bridgend,
15 Jul. 1863 aged 57.
ISABELLA INNES who died at Knockandhu 16 Jun.1881 aged 80.
CHARLES GLENNIE who died at Knockandhu, 2 Nov.1894 aged 68
BEATRICE INNES who died at Knockandhu 10 Dec.1894 aged 89

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