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From: Alex Grant <>
Subject: Fwd: Re: [MORAY] Tininver Lime Works and Errol Bank, Dufftown
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2006 12:37:30 -0400

>From: Alex Grant <>
>Subject: Re: [MORAY] Tininver Lime Works and Errol Bank, Dufftown
>Hello William,
> Thanks for your note & comments re: Tiniver Lime
> Works..........your family involvement is well after our 'GORDON's sold
> the business...let me give you some insight into our connection with the
> Lime Works and Errollbank
> My husband's Gr-grandfather Alexander GORDON leased the farm of
> Tullochallum (1812-1857) when he assigned it to his son
> George. He also owned an interest in the Tiniver Lime Works with
> James Findlater of Baloenic, the lands & buildings leased from the Earl
> of Fife. The firm's name was 'Alexander Gordon & Company' Helen
> Gordon (his daughter) worked as a clerk in the business, and in
> 1861 Alexander assigned her all his debts, goods & chattels, and she
> agreed to keep her father for the balance of his life. He also
> built the first Errolbank Cottage & moved into this house in 1861 with
> Helen. Alexander Gordon was also the first Roman Catholic Justice of
> the Peace in the Parish of Mortlach since the Reformation.
> In 1861 Tiniver Lime Works included a battery of three
> kilns..... Helen then added a large, single kiln to the left of the
> three existing. She also acquired a lease of a lime-stone field in the
> Parish of Botriphinie where she built the Drummuir Lime Works which she
> operated until 1872. She also undertook the construction of a second
> cottage, Erollbank and eventually joined the two sections. (Note:
> today it is run as a 'Bed & Breakfast'.
> In May of 1862 Helen Gordon married Peter GRANT, he worked for
> a time with George GORDON and then did land surveying and later become
> a surveyor for the railway system....this eventually led him to
> emigrate in 1869 to New Brunswick, Canada where he worked
> surveying for the Intercolonial Railway. In 1872 his wife, Helen &
> their four sons joined him & settled in the Matapedia Valley. Alexander
> Jos., the eldest son, and my husband's grandfather became a marine
> engineer, working with his father & others as early as the age of
> 16/17/18......later in his career he worked at Couteau Landing
> Que., Peterborough Lift Locks and the last Welland Canal, which
> celebrates 75 yrs in 2007. The second son, Gordon Patrick also
> became a well-known engineer; the third son James Andrew became a
> priest; the youngest son John Forbes had a lengthy career with the Bank
> of Montreal

This info comes from a hand-written family history by Alexander
Joseph GRANT, which I have transcribed as written and am working on
editing, formatting, adding photos etc. for future generations.
By-the-way if you 'Google' the name 'Errollbank' you will
likely come up with the site promoting the 'Bed & Breakfast' currently in
operation......I was astounded at the size and beauty of what GFather
described as a 'cottage'..........


>At 12:32 AM 08/08/2006, you wrote:
>>Dear Doris,
>>I note an interesting coincidence in the contents of your note to George
>>-- I too have someone resident at Errol Bank Dufftown and connected with
>>the [Richmond and] Tininver Lime Works -- but mine is a HAY rather than a
>>GRANT or GORDON. Details below.
>>William in Alberta
>>John Johnson Jackson HAY
>>b. 25 March 1851, Boharm, Moray
>>chr. 28 April 1851, Boharm, Moray
>>d. 4 December 1892, Errol Bank, Dufftown, Banffshire, age 41
>>occ. manager of a lime works and living in Dufftown in 1880; manager of
>>Tininver and Richmond Lime Works, Dufftown, 1892
>>m. 10 February 1880, Lesmurdie Cottage, St. Andrew's, Llanbryde, Moray,
>>to Margaret MELVIN. Margaret (Melvin) Hay was born @ 1856, Pluscarden,
>>Elgin, christened 25 May 1856, New Spynie, Moray, daughter of John Melvin
>>and Margaret McKenzie. She was living at Kininvie, Dufftown, at the time
>>of her marriage; at Errol Bank, Dufftown, 1881 and 1891; at Oakbank,
>>Dufftown in 1901; at Heathfield, New Elgin Road, Elgin, Moray in 1942;
>>died 7 October 1944, 15 New Elgin Road, Elgin, Moray, aged 88. In 1901,
>>she was a grocer and dealer in porter and ale.
>> >From: Alex Grant <>
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>> >Subject: RE: [MORAY] Re: Help with look up........
>> >Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 08:48:41 -0400
>> >
>> >Hello George,
>> > You may remember we corresponded some time ago......regarding my
>> husband's 'GRANT' & 'GORDON' families from the Dufftown area
>> (Tiniver >Limestone Works and Errollbank Cottage).......
>> >
>> >doris m. grant
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