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Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 20:57:49 EDT

Have been reading the various posts with MANN connections so thought I'd send
my NOTES. Would appreciate any corrections, etc.
Brenda in Kansas

The Mann family was one of the earliest families, if not the first family, to
come to the southern part of what is now Reynolds County, Missouri. This
area was around Clearwater Lake and was first part of Wayne County, Missouri
before being included in the formation of Reynolds County, Missouri.

In the book, Reynolds County, Missouri "Sesquicentennial Year" 1845-1995,
Volume I has an article that states Arnold Mann was the first Mann who came
to Missouri in 1810, bringing his family with him. It states Jacob Mann is
his older brother and did not come to Missouri. This information was
submitted by a descendant, Joe Lee Huett. There are several difficulties
with this assumption.

Three facts would seem to lead to a conclusion that it is more likely that
Arnold was the son of Jacob Mann. First, Arnold would only have been about
12 years of age in 1810. Secondly, his Christain name, Arnold, is the surname
of Mary Arnold Mann, wife of Jacob. Jacob Mann of Kentucky married Mary
Arnold on February 27, 1788. (This information is from marriage records of
Christian County, Kentucky). Third, the dates between the marriage of Jacob
in 1788, and the approximate birth of Arnold, 1898, are more comparable with
a father and son, than with brothers. The ten year difference between the
marriage of Jacob and the birth of Arnold would establish Jacob and Arnold as
being about thirty years apart in age. This age difference is more likely to
fit a father and son than siblings.

A Jacob, Thomas, John, Andrew and George Mann were all in Lincoln County,
Kentucky in the late 1780's according to The History of Early Reynolds
County, by James E. Bell, written in 1986. The 1800 Federal census for
Christian County, Kentucky listed Jacob, Andrew and George. It is possible
that Thomas, is the Thomas listed in Lincoln County, Missouri in 1820.

According to the 1820 Federal census for Missouri, the only Mann's in
Missouri were Jacob Mann in Cape Girardeau County, St. Francois Township
(this was just east of Madison and Wayne from which Reynolds County was
later, partially formed), and a Thomas Mann in Lincoln County, Missouri
(Lincoln County is north of St. Louis, Missouri and this Thomas Mann may have
been the progenitor of a family of Mann's who settled in Ray County Missouri
- (later Caldwell County was formed from part of Ray County). It is not
known if this Thomas was the same Thomas Mann who was in Lincoln County,
Kentucky with Jacob Mann.

There was no Jacob Mann on the1830 Federal census for Missouri. An
assumption would be that Jacob, possible father of Arnold, Thomas, Andrew,
Issac, George, Phineas, James, Robert and Charles had died in the 1820's.

On the 1830 Federal census was Andrew, Issac, Charles and James Mann in Wayne
County and a Robert Mann living in Washington County, Harmony Township. Part
of both of these counties, became part of Reynolds County, Missouri when it
was formed in 1845. A Thomas Mann continued to be in Lincoln County,

By the 1840 Federal census for Missouri, Thomas was no longer on the census
nor was Charles, James or Robert. There continued to be an Andrew and Issac
in Wayne County and the addition of Arnold Mann. There was also a Francis,
and George in Ripley County. Parts of these counties would make up Reynolds
County, Missouri when it was organized in 1845.

By the 1850 census, there was Arnold, age 52; George age 48; Issac age 47;
and Phineas age 44. All are listed as born in Kentucky. They are probably
brothers and the son's of Jacob Mann. There were also younger Mann's named
Jacob, James, and Zimri. In the household of Zimri age 28, was a Sarah C.
Mann, age 53 who was born in Kentucky. In 1850, George Mann, age 48 had a
daughter age 1, named Sarah C. Mann. The relationship of the elder Sarah C.
is unknown at this time.

In the 1860 census, a Sarah Mann, age 67 is living in the household of Finis
or Fines (Pheneas) and Catherine Mann in Reynolds County, Logan township.
She is listed as being born in Kentucky. Zimri Mann is not listed on the
1860 Federal census for Missouri. This may be the same Sarah as listed on
the 1850 census in the household of Zimri Mann, with an error in the age on
one of the two census enumerations. Other age problems have been noted on
that census. On the 1860 census for Reynolds County, Isaac is listed as age
60, the same age as Arnold. In the 1850 census he was listed as age 47 which
would have made him about age 57 on the 1860 census.

On the 1860 census for Reynolds County, there was also Andrew age 26, James
age 36, Arnold age 60, Isaac age 29, George age 57. In Wayne County,
Missouri there was a Clark A. Mann, age 21 and Jacob Mann, age 39.

On the 1870 Federal census for Reynolds County, Missouri was George age 50
(?); Issac age 70, Daniel (son of Isaac) age 31; Arnold Mann in the household
of step son, Naman Blackwell; James age 45; John age 21; Pheneas) age 65;
Clark age 32; Isaac age 40; and Jacob age 41.

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