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From: Dora Smith <>
Subject: [Morgan] Which Ebenezer Morgan married Elizabeth Warner 1737 Springfield MA?
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 03:43:13 -0700 (PDT)
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I have an inconsistency in my sources, which are for
the most part good sources. It is apparent that there
were two Ebenezer Morgan's descended from Miles Morgan
close in age in Springfield, MA, and I need to know
which one married Sarah Warner in 1737 and became my

A third or fourth cousin's GEDCOM at rootsweb and a
manuscript by Titus Morgan Jr written in 1800, who was
a grandson of Ebenezer Morgan and Sarah Warner and
also got much of his information from the Springfield
town records and historical sources, give different
parents and birth dates for Ebenezer Morgan the father
of Titus Morgan Sr and of Sarah Morgan who married
Titus Morgan and had Julius Morgan.

My cousin's GEDCOM has Ebenezer b 1696, son of
Nathaniel Morgan and Hannah Bird, he the son of MIles
Morgan and Hannah Bliss, making Titus and Sarah Morgan
first cousins.

Titus Morgan Jr's manuscript, which my 3rd or 4th
cousin sent me and which he plainly saw and
reconciled, possibly since he wrote the GEDCOM which
is dated 1994, has Ebenezer b 1692 to David Morgan and
Mary Clark; David being Miles Morgan's son by his
first wife. This would make Titus and Sarah Morgan
half second cousins. (Not that their granddaughter my
ancestor isn't descended from half of her other
ancestors two or three times, and the Cooley, Bliss,
and Day families particularly stand out.)

Samuel Behling's web site, which also traces the
ancestry of Sarah Morgan and Titus Morgan who married,
says exactly what my third or fourth cousin has in his

My cousin didn't necessarily get his information from
Samuel Behling. His great grandfather did alot of
original research himself, apparently on the Morgan
line as well as the Raymond line. In fact, he may
have focused on the Morgans. Though I think the
manuscript may have been in those notes. Also, I did
find a person or two each at Rootsweb and at reporting that my Ebenezer who
married Samuel Warren was the one born in 1696 to
Nathaniel Morgan and Hannah Bird.

When I did a fast check in Rootsweb GenConnect and
Family Search, I found that there is near but not
perfect agreement that Ebenezer Morgan who married
SArah Warner was born in 1691/92 to David Morgan and
Mary Clark, and that the Ebenezer Morgan who was born
in 1696 to Nathaniel Morgan and Hannah Bird married
someone else or even a couple of someone else's. A
couple of people in both places did report that he was
the son of Nathaniel.

I still need to check. Can anyone please look it up in
their Miles Morgan family references?

If anyone is interested in Titus Morgan Jr's
manuscript, I am virtually transcribing it into my own
GEDCOM that I intend to submit to GenConnect.

Dora Smith

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