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Subject: SC Morrows
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 22:52:12 EDT

Morrow Family Data (from Leonarda Andreas Genealogical Collection of SC)
Morrow S.C. Wills Abbeville County.
34 ARTHUR MORROW will sg. 4 June 1807 pr. 20 Oct.
1807.....Wife listed
as Elizabeth Morrow.....²I give to each of my grandchildren a pocket
Bible, to both the male and females, and the money for the Bibles will
come what Thomas Atwood owes me²..........Children
JOHN MORROW and he is to have the 358a of land run off next to the land
of the late John Morrow, decesed & by lands of William Finch.
WILLIAM MORROW to have the tract of land by Hugh McCormick (?) and the
lands of the late John Leany deceased.
MORROW to have the lands by land of the late James Gray, deceased.
My daughter, Mary Cooper Morrow.
EXS : My son, John Morrow & my son inlaw, JAMES MORROW
/Wit. Alexander Porter, James Cockran & James T. Gray,
All the children were not named in this will... I wondered if Mary
Cooper Morrow were a mistake due to WPA copyig....Next see will of his
35 Mrs. ELIZABETH MORROW will sg. 26 July 1816 pr. 4 Oct.
FIVE daugghters are mentioned and three are named as follows :
Mary Cooper Stuart Elizabeth Morrrow
Margaret Cochran
My gr. dtr. Elizabeth Cooper, dtr of my dtr. Margarte Chochran.
ALL MY CHILDREN will share the residue except my son, ARTHUR MORROW will
have buy $30.....EXS : Son JOHN MORROW and son in law, James Cochran.
/Wit. John M. Cochran & Arthur Morrow.
Elizabeth Morrow may be the wife of the son in law, JAMES MORROW in #
36 WILLIAM MORROW will sg. 16 July 1824 pr. 4 Aug.
1828.....Wife is
listed as Sarah Morrow.....and children as :
James Morrow & his son, William Morrow (Wonder is same James in #34)
Andrew Morrow & he to have thet ract bought of Robert Black.
John Morrow and his son, William Morrow.
Polly Buchannon, deceased & her share to her two daughters, Sarah
Buchannon & Mary Buchannon
Nancy Haslet.
Indications that all children were not named..Andrea.
/Wit. Sterling Q. Williams, Robert Foster & A. Hunter.....I seem to have
ommitted the executors..Andrea.
37 GEORGE MORROW will sg. 10 Mar. 1790 pr. 6 Apr.
Mary Morrow Ex. with William Hutton & Ebenezer Pettigrew.......Children
Hugh Morrow Jane _______
Margaret Morrow
Mary Ann Morrow James Morrow
George M. Morrow
/Wit. William Deal, Wiliam Beall & Jane Foster.
I give 100a of land to my son Hugh Morrow but he must stay with his
mother and help her to raise the children (Seemingly all minors)
38 Mrs. MARY MORROW will sg. 12 Jan. 1819 pr. 12 Aug. 1822... she
not name all her children in the will...she is widow of #37....Children
George Mecklin Morrow Ex. & to have the lans bought of John Dale & by
lands of grant to James Anderson.
James Morrow (I note that I have typed wrongly and the lands given by
me to George M. Morrow are to James
Morrow Ex. ...the land given to
son George Mecklin Morrow I bought of
James Williams.
Margaret Brown and her daughter, Elizabeth Brown.
/Wit. Patrick Calhoun, James Hutton & Enos Crawford.
Morrow Abbevill County wills
39 HUGH CALHOUN will sg. 25 Aug. 1794 pr. 25 Mar. 1799...Wife,
Calhoun.....Children :
Hugh Calhourn Ex. with James Noble & Fleming Bates.
Ezekiel Calhoun
Mary Morrow (I wonder if #38)
/Wit. Wiliam Dunlop, Alexander Noble & Archibald McClene.
40 HUGH MECKLIN will sg. 15 Nov. 1800 pr. 2 Jan. 1801 or sg.
15 Mar.
1800 pr. 2 June 1800.....Wife, Charity Mecklin.....Children & no
David Hugh Elizabeth
/Wit. Hugh Mecklin & James. D. Anderson.
I wonder if Mary is #38 for she gave Mecklin as middle name for her son,
George Mecklin Morrow.
41 JOHN MORROW will sg. 3 Oct. 1802 pr. 3 Oct. 1802....Wife,
Morrow Ex.......Brother, William Morrow in North Carolina.
³My dear wife and children will share equal² & none named.
/Wit. John Morrow jr., William Morrow & John Foster.
42 HUGH MORROH (Or Morrah) will sg. 2 Feb. 1837 pr. 9 Feb.
1837....Wife, Jane Morroh and to her I will the home plantation on Long
Canes (Iwonder if he is the Hugh Morrow in #37)...Children and no
surnames & several of the hcildren were minors :
Eleanor Sarah w. of John Richardson
Robert Sarah (A second Sarah)
Samuel David
George (See #37)
Ex : Son, Samuel with Patrick Noble & Aaron Lomax.
/Wit. William Hill, Wesley G. Norwood & M.T. Stewart
Hugh Morrah had three wives as I know from other data and Jane was last.
43 Mrs. JANE MORRAH will sg. 12 June 1847 pr. date not
Sallie Barmore Jane Sharp Eleanor
Mary Murray John Morrah Samuel P.
Morrah Ex.
David Morrah George Morrah
/Wit. William Robinson, George W. Robinson & James S. Robinson.
Note the 3rd wife, Jane Morrah does not name two of the children as
named in the will of her husband, Hugh Morrah #42....These two children
not named were ROBERT MORRAH and SALLY MORRAH the wife of John
James Richey wed in Pennsylvaine Margaret Caldwell in 1748 and from his
will sg. 16 ec. 1807 pr. 6 Aug. 1810.....Wife dead (She was Margaret
Caldwell)....children to which I have added some other data)
John rickey who m. Nancy Brownlee
James Richey who m. Elizabeth Dunn
Robert Richey who m. Mrs. John Weir nee Mary Stuart.
Andrew Richey who m. Elizabeth _____.
William Richey m. ls Jane Stone m.2 Mrs. Elizabeth Richey.
Nancy (Agnes) Richey m. Henry Purdy.
Ann Richey m. l George Wilson m.2 Hugh Morroh #42)
In the will of James Richey Sr. GRANDCHILDREN named as : Margaret dtr.
of John....Margarte dtr. of James....Mrs. Maregarte Seawright dtr. of
Robert..Margaret dtr. of Andrew.......James son of William.
EXS : Sons John & James Richey.....A PORTION of thier deceased mother
(Ann Morrah) was given to her FOUR children :
John Wilson Margaret Ann Wilson
/Wit. George Brownlee, William McCrone & James Richey Jr.
45 HUGH MORRAH wed as his first wife _______________ (I have seen
name in some data) and had by her two or three was named
Sarah who wed John Richardson (Isuppose the last wife named one Sarah
for some means or other)....I do not know when Hugh Morrah wed the
widow, Mrs. Ann richey Wilson...The estate of her husband was
administered in Abbeville I think in 1797, so Hugh must have wed her
about 1799...she died soon after her son, Robert Morrah was born.
CONCLUSION Hugh Morrah had by his first wife, children but the only one
known is Sarah w. of John richardson....He had by his 2nd wife, Ann
Wilson, nee Ann Richey, one son
Robert Morrah
He had by his 3rd wife, Jane, EIGHT children and this Sallie of Sarah
Morrah wed a BARYMORE.
46 JOHN MORROW of Pendleton and will sg. 14 Sept. 1812 pr. 28
1812 in Anderson.......Wife, Mary Morrow Ex. with Thomas
Walker.....Children & no surnames and some minors :
Samuel John Archibald
Betsy Nancy Jane
/Wit. Samuel Maverick & William Walker.
Spartanburg County
47 SAMUEL MORROW will sg. 9 Feb. 1796 pr. 18 July
1796.......No wife
or children inicated.......I will ALL MY ESTATE of WHATEVER KIND to
Robert Elder, and relationship not given (for Elder see #17)
EXS : George Bruton & William Smith.
/Wit. Abraham Hembre, Lee Clark & Thomas Thornton.
This is likely of the Greenville of Chester set...I not no Samuel in the
1790 Census.
48 SAMUEL MORROW of Dutchman Creek will sg. 8 Feb. 1842 pr.
26 Feb.
1842 Wife, JENNET Morrow to who I will a support, furnitur, enough
slaves to wait on my wife as long as she lives.
(But the names of the children are not given...Legacies to :
Son, Samuel Morrow, one slave.
Dtr. Mary Smith, to have the slave named Riley.
Gr. son, Samuel M. Smith, to have my small shotgun.
My lands in Livingston Co. Tenn. the grant of 200a to James Campbell, I
give to my son, DAVID MORROW...and the 200a grant to Jno. Clark, I
give to my son in law, Henry M. Story for his wife (not named)
My niece, Nancy Morrow I give $25 for her kindness to me.
To the Foreign Missionary Society I give $10.
EX : Elihu Smith (Relationship not stated but likely son in law)
/Wit. W. White, William Smith & Levi Rees.
49 David Trail will sg. 15 July 1829 pr. 8 Aug. 1831...Wife
dead.......Children :
Margaret White Susannah Posey Frances
Elizabeth Bearden
Massy Meaders John Trail Ex. with son in law,
Wm. Posey Sr. Property
to Elizabeth Bearden entailed to her children.
/Wit. George Meaders, Robert West & T.J. Underwood.
49a JOHN MORROW m. Ellender Trail and the will reads ³ My daughter
Ellender wife of JOHN MORROW and her share entailed to her children,
David Morrow Nancy Morrow Robert Morrow
³These are her minor children² and all 49a in will of David Trail...
David Trail as I happen to know came to Spartanburg from Maeryland and
died at an advanced age.
Morrow Chester County.
50 JOHN MORROW from data in #16 was in Chester County and died
during or
soon after the Revolution...His wife was Mary Morrow.....Two know
children in 1842 were :
Mary Morrow
Sarah Morrow
These two drew the last pension of their mother, Mary Morrow...And by
the 1790 Census we know that 2 boys under age of 16 were in the home of
this Mrs. Mary Morrow, as well as two girls and these girls evidently
did not marry, unless to men by name of Morrow for both used Morrow
surname in 1842
51 JOSEPH MORROW SR. will sg. 2 Aug. 1831 pr. 1 Dec.
listed as Jane Morrow.....Children.
Sarah White Betsy Wylie
Jane Wylie - Samuel Wylie Polly Thomas - James Thomas
William W. Morrow - Sarah Wylie David Morrow - Mary Wilson
Joseph Morrow Jr. Ex. and to have plantation on Beckham¹s Road.
/Wit. John Beggs, Anna Wylie & Peter Wylie.
David is likely named fro the David Morrow in 12a.
52 WILLIAM MORROY will sg. & Pr. I see that I failed to chekc
the dates
No wife is listed....Children.
Jane w. of James Robinson
Elizabeth w. of William Rose, if
Mary w. of Alexander Parkinson
she be alive & if dead to her
Margaret Morray
eldest daughter, Susan Rose.
Samuel Mills Morroy
EXS : John Roseborough with Clement Wood.
/Wit. Clement Wood, James Wylie & William Conbest.
This name spelled as Morroy and as Morray and I am not sure that is is
meant for Morrow or not. See Morroy in #9.
End of S.C. Will Abstracts.
53 From Miss Nora Davis¹ Marriage list of the Rev. Moses Waddel, a

Presbyterian minister of Abbecille Co. S.C. and of Clark Co. Ga.
John Morrow 24 Oct. 1810 to Jane Spence
Sarah Morrow 21 Nov. 1832 to John B(axter) Bull
Some out of state data I happen to have in my files.
Mecklenburg County, N.C. has many Morrows and Morrahs.
Augusta County, Virginia has Morrows and Morrahs.
Lancaster County, Pa. has some Morrows and Morrahs
Recall that the migration from Ireland to Lancaster Co. Pa. and from
there to Augusta Co. Va. and from there to Mecklenburg Co. N.C., The
Waxha and Long Cane settlements in S.C. as well as into York, Chester
and Spartanburg Counties in S.C. of many of the early S.C.
Families...The Morrows may have followed this name migration I.E. the
S.C. Morrows.
This concludes the preliminary study of Morrows as found in the S.C.
State Archives and as I said in the beginning, this data will have to be
supplemented with data secured from the various county seats in S.C.
plus Family date, Family Bibles, Church data and tombstones.
The End
** This info came from an old email I had saved from Bill in Alaska.
I don't know if he is still participating in the Morrow list, but I thank
him for this info.
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