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From: "Anne Larkin" <>
Subject: [MORTON] George Morton-Phoebe Cooper
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 16:10:07 -0800

I have a George Morton who married Phoebe Cooper in my line. George and Phoebe had a son Richard who was a blacksmith in Hartford ca 1640. They were said to be from Plymouth. There were not so many in Plymouth in that time that someone also named George Morton could go unnoticed. One account that I read early in my research (and did not note) said that THE George Morton came to NE with a son and that this son was sent to the household of Gov. Bradford. Leiden marriage records of George and Julianna Morton state that George was unmarried at the time. This does not mean no son.

Other clues: George and Julianna did NOT name any other children George. Son of George, Nathaniel, became the "secretary" for the Plymouth colony. He would be in a position to omit any mention of the half-brother.

If anyone can direct me to further reading about the son of George (before marriage to Julianna) I certainly would be interested. Thanks in advance.


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