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Subject: Re: [MSCLAIBO] Civil War diary
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 18:57:37 +0000
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Hi Sue,

I have WILSON's in my family that were in the civil war. Sumpter, Alex and Napoleon Wilson. They were all in the 7th MS Regiment Quit (?) Rifles. I don't know if these are names in your diary, but it was a recent find for me. Good luck.


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> Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 10:58:03 -0500
> Subject: [MSCLAIBO] Civil War diary
> Rebecca Drake of Raymond and I are working on reprinting with annotations the six-weeks diary of Elizabeth Meade Ingraham who lived near Willow Springs when Grant marched through in May 1863 on his way to the siege of Vicksburg. It will be non-profit, with proceeds going to the Champion Hill battlefield preservation.
> Elizabeth wrote the dairy for her daughters who fled upon the approach of the army. Most of the time, she obscures identities by using initials, but occasionally she uses a surname.
> I am trying to identify and footnote as many of these residents as possible, and need your help. If you have information on these folks during that period of time, please email me at or reply to the forum.
> Some of the names mentioned in the brief diary are the following:
> McGilvray family
> James M. Maury
> Dr. Robert Emmett Maury
> Martha Archer Conger Tucker
> McIntyre family
> John Tullis
> Watson family
> Mary Hynum Pipes Bagnell
> Murdock or Murdoch family
> H. M. Coffey
> Rev. Thomas Owens
> Stamps Distillery
> Lake family
> McAlpine family
> Pierson family
> Suggs family
> Powers family
> Humphreys family
> Wilson family
> Martin family
> Hunter family
> Hamilton family
> Berry family
> Slemmons family
> Magruder family
> McClellan family
> Montgomery family
> Thanks for any help,
> Sue B. Moore
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