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>I think that we are the same family of Wilson's...Do you descend from James
>A. Wilson, SR., who was b. abt. 1719, Atriem, Ireland, d. abt. 1749, Atriem
>Co., Ireland...he m. Margaret abt. 1749, in Atriem Co., Ireland...she was b.
>abt 1722, d. aft. 1800...James A. Wilson Sr., buried abt. 1749...
>Child of James and Margaret was James A. Wilson Jr., b. bet. 1751-1752, Co.,
>Atriem, Ireland, d. Oct. 124, 1828 in Monroe Co., MS who married Susanna
>Gideon, dau. of James Gideon and his wife Margaret...she was born 1763,
>Charlotte, VA., d. 12 Feb 1837, Monroe Co., MS...
>He was Scots-Irish, Scotsmen who migrated to North East Ireland to open up
>plantations there...The families soon migrated to America and many of them
>lived at one time in Laurens Dis. SC., Various member of these families
>migrated again through KY>, TN., AL and on into Monroe Co., MS...James
>Wilson, Jr., and his family lived at one time on Little River of Saluda in
>96 Dist. Laurens, Co., SC., where he married Susan Gideon, abt. 1775...she
>was the sister of Richard Gideon [1765-1834]...James Wilson, Jr., and
>Richard Gideon served together in the Rev. War...James Wilson, Jr., was a
>private in the Co., of Capt. Lewis Saxon, under Co., Levi Casey...Lt. Col.
>of the Little River Reg. of militia....The Wilson came to Monroe Co., in the
>early 1820's,...these two men and their families made their way to the East
>side of Monroe Co., MS...This transition, perhaps was made by way of the
>Lemuel Prewitt and Sons, Wagon Trains...Records in Aberdeen show that James
>Wilson purchased 120 acres of land from Abner Prewitt in 1827, on which he
>died in 1828...his homestead was about one and half miles southeast of the
>present day Becker...James Wilson's grave was hist. tomb was a sandstone
>marker, bearing his dimly recognized initials. Soon a research revealed his
>Reb. War Record...
>James Sr., James Wilson Jr., Cumberland...listed with William Wilson in VA.,
>sum asked for land 2,750...1,000...listed with co-partners Dunlop Colin and
>son and Co., Wilson entry dupl. in "W" part...p. 252...
>More abt. James A. Wilson Jr., Baptism {LDS} 1828
>Burial: 1828, Monroe Co., MS...
>More abt. Susanna Gideon...Burial: 1837....Monroe Co., MS...
>Children of James Jr., and Susanna Gideon-Wilson are:
>Susan Wilson b. 10 Mae `802, SC d. 8 Mar 1873, Monroe Co., MS., m. Jacob or
>John Flynt son of David Flynt and Mary Davis...he was b. 24 May in Stokes
>Co., NC and d. 20 Apr 1879, Monroe Co., MS...i descend from this
>Susan Wilson and Jacob's daughter Sarah Palmira Dilworth/Flynt, she was
>married previously to Winston Dilworth...she was b. abt. 1823, Monroe Co.,
>William Wilson second child of James A. Wilson and Susanna Gideon b. abt.
>Margaret Wilson b. abt. 1779
>Wilson Wilson b. bef 1782
>John Wilson b. abt. 1782
>Thompson Wilson b. 8 Feb 1784
>Jane Wilson b. 1792
>Gideon Wilson b. 1794 or 1796
>Thomas L. Wilson b. 18 Jan 1805
>Mary Wilson b. abt. 1807
>Anna Wilson b. 1809...My 2nd. great grandparents were Washington Walker
>Gannaway son of James Gannaway and Nancy Grimes...he was b. abt. 1822, in
>Maury, TN., d. abt. 1856, Monroe Co., MS...Sarah Dilworth/Flynt an
>Washington Gannaway was my
>Great grandfather Elias Thompson's parents, he was b. 29 Jun 1852, Itawamba
>Co., MS., died Feb. 3, 1927 in Dorsey, Itawamba Co., MS...he m. my great
>grandmother Martha Allice "Mattie" Connaway b. abt. July 5, 1856, Monroe
>Co., MS., died 24 Feb 1937, Whitefield, Rankin , MS.,
> He was married previously to ...F. L. Wagner 18 Oct 1877, Warr., TN...2nd.
>Nannie Williams, 10 Oct 1896, Warr., TN., a Wesley Gannaway m. Leman
>Catherine 19 Apr 1879, Lawrence Co., TN., found a Willie Gannaway who m. W.
>K. Mansfield, 20 Dec 1896, Warren Co., TN...Elias Thompson and Mattie
>Connaway are buried along with my grandmother Emma Mae Gannaway-Holcombe, in
>the Keys Cemetary , Dorsey, Itawamba Co., grandmother m. John Thomas
>Holcombe in 1915...Tupelo, MS., my mother is the youngest child of theirs,
>Katie Ruth Holcombe-Starr, b. 5 Dec 1923, Aberdeen Co., MS., m. my father,
>Nov 27, 1941, Hinkle M. Starr b. 23 Jun 1920, Mt. Vernon, Baxter, AR...
>Let me know if your are connected to anyone above and i will give you more
>Carol Ann,
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>Subject: [MSITAWAM-L] Wilsons
>Hi, I'm new to this list, and I hope that I can connect with some others
>researching the WILSON line.
>I am descended from John and Harriett Wilson, born in NC. They probably were
>born in the 1820s. They had a daughter named Martha Wilson who married
>William E. Ford and they moved to Ashley Co., AR.
>I searched the 1850 Itawamba Census, but...
>I didn't find John and Harriett Wilson.
>I did find a Robert Wilson and wife Amanda age 25 from SC.
>There was also a William Wilson, age 20 from GA.
>There was a Lawson Wilson, and wife Sarah. He was a carpenter from KY.
>There was a David Wilson, age 22 from Tenn.
>There was an Anna Wilson, a widow from NC, age 48, with several children.
>There was a Josiah Wilson, age 35 from SC and wife Sarah
>There was a Jordan Wilson, age 25 from AL and wife Hannah
>There was another Jordan Wilson, age 27, from SC
>There was a Wesley Wilson age 27 from GA and wife Mary Ann
>Does anyone have any information about John Wilson?
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