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Subject: Decoration Day- Mrs. Augusta "Kittie" Murdock Sykes Cox Jordan
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 02:39:03 EDT

Dear DeLories Vaughn,

Hi there, received the envelope about a week ago. So your in Yuma, AZ.
My parents were married there in 1935. Thanks so much for the write up.
Can you tell me the name of the little book and author or publisher for my

It kinda told me what I was looking for. My Columbus relatives are the
Jordan's - specifically Moses, who founded Columbus/West Point. His 3rd child and
only son was Charles "Jake" Lowndes Jordan. He married Augusta "Kittie" C.
Cox , May 17, 1888.

Page 130 says: "save that the lady - one of the sweetest women with whom
God ever blessed the earth - volunteered, of her own mind, to strew flowers
upon the Federal Graves."

Page 131 says: "that the same editor designed that especial (sic) mention
should be made of Mrs. Augusta Cox, formerly Mrs. Augusta Murdock Sykes, and
her name is now given in the historical sketch of that event.

This agrees with the family lore I have that said the 4 women went to
decorate Confederate graves and Augusta alone, took it upon herself to also decorate
the Federal Graves. It went on to say there were hundreds of Confederate
graves (1400) and only a handful of Federal ones (40) and that ultimately all 4
women were given credit for decorating both - which ultimately was true, as the
other 3 women saw no harm after decorating hundreds of confederates to doing a
handful of federals too.

It's a small distinction, but since she's an ancestor of mine, one I take
enourmous pride in.

Also of interest was the footnote on page 134.
(Note: The writer of this sketch desires to return his sincere thanks to
Capt. E. T. Sykes for the use of his very valuable historical scrap book from
which many of the above facts were obtained. Also to Miss Mary Harrison,
ex-President of the Daughters of the Confederacy, for her cheerful and active
assistance in collecting the material.)

Capt. E. T. Sykes may be the previous dead husband of Augusta or the father
of her dead husband. I will research and find out, but it is so nice to have
this additional confirmation and a new lead with his full name.

Every day some new little genealogical treasure is found. Thank heaven for
the internet and volunteers and new found friends like you.

Dear Becky Cox Feldman,
(My great-great grandmother was one of the four women on Friendship Cemetery
that started Decoration Day. She was Elizabeth Augusta Murdock Sykes Cox.
Does anyone have more info or articles on this subject? Thank you, Becky Cox

Will you send me what you have on Augusta? This email has all I have on her
after she became a Jordan-I assume her 3rd marriage. We have a Charles
Westbrook bible record that says: Carrie daughter of C.L. and Augusta C. Jordan
born Feb 28, 1889.
Do you believe that that "C." is not a middle name but stands for "Cox"?
I can provide more info on her Jordan husband and his complete ancestry.

Teena Phillips ()

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