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From: "Tootie Dennis" <>
Subject: [MSSMITH] From some of my writings about the Wagon Train.
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 16:43:09 -0500

Without the actual pages this may not make a lot of sense. If you are kin to me by marriage it will make a lot of sense. Tootie

A History Moment: In 1857 22 families left Reliegh, Smith County, Mississippi and began a migration to Trinity County, Texas. James D. Thornton was Wagon Master. John Odom was assistant Wagon Master. These are our ancestors, great to some, great great to some and great great great to some and so forth. There was a celebration of this great migration in 1988. This is one of the artifacts that I have about this Wagon Train. I will be submitting both James D. Thornton and John Odom to the National Wagon Master Historic Association. The 22 names on this proclamation are almost ALL kin to us. I have copies of all books mention. Aunt Jeanna and I drove the trail they took as close as possible. We visited Louisana and found the graves of the daughter and her family that settled there. This is walking talking history of our Odom and Thorton ancestors

This is a continuation of that migration. The picture is of Clarkie Ann Tullos Thornton. Mother of Elizabeth Jane Thornton Odom who married Isaac Brown Odom. He brother Stephen J. Tullos went ahead of the migration by about a year. He scouted out the area and purchased land for those who inteneded on migrating. Smith County, MS was full of TULLOS and many went to Trinity County at a later date. James and Clarkie took their 12 children to Trinity, plus a few children that belonged to one of her brother's that had died. John Odom brought with him, his wife Nancy Jane Purvis/Pervis and 6 of their 7 children with them. The 7th was born in Texas. The children walked most of the way behind the wagons. They camped out and ate on the trail. To me, that was a great adventure. More later

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