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From: "Frieda" <>
Subject: [MSTISHOM] Amos Young Amerson
Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 21:01:44 -0700
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First I want to make it CLEAR that the Amerson's that live in Tishomingo
County and all the Amerson's that are older than my Amos Amerson are true

Eudoxia was married to Amos Young Amerson. We laughingly say now that we
are 1st generation Amerson's. When we did the DNA last year on Two of
Amos's grandsons the dna came out very different than the Amerson line
including the DNA of 4 of Amos's great Nephews. We were all surprised.
The two grandsons that we use for Amos's DNA were from two sons of Eudoxia
and Amos, so it had to mean that either Amos's mother had not been the
mother of Benjamin Jasper Amerson's older sons and had been married before
she married Benjamin Jasper Amerson. It had been considered before that
there was a possibility that Elizabeth McDonald was Benjamin's second wife.
There is also a possibility that Amos had been adopted. Unfortunately the
brother just older than Amos died in 1862 in the Civil War and there were
two daughters possibly three daughters after Amos that we can not get the
DNA on. There is one older brother who is questionable. He had some
children but we haven't been able to find any of them. They disappeared
after the Civil War. The Last I have (or any one else had) They were living
Morgan Co., Alabama in 1866 when the State Census was taken. The children
were young and so was his the brother's wife so she may have remarried.
We were never sure that he was really Benjamin Jasper's son or a nephew.
Last September a Walker e mailed me and said that the Amerson DNA No --- was
the same as her Walker in the DNA Walker trials. We have been trying to
sort it out ever since last September. I am working with two of the Walker
people now. Waiting for further word. They just had their big reunion.
Two of my G Grandmother Elizabeth McDonald sisters married Walker boys in
Blount Co., Ala. There were also two other Walkers in the area about the
time Amos was born.

A possibility - Amos was born in 1840 right at the time of the Indian
Removal. He talked a lot about how terrible it was and to never let anyone
know that they were part Indian. Now Elizabeth's grandmother was Indian.
The Walker's also say they have some Indian blood. Maybe as one of the
stories in the Tishomingo book tells of a Indian (or part Indian) baby was
left by the Mill of a family and they took her in as their own. There are
a lot of questions. Amos had said he was 1/4 Indian. But I am sure that my
friends in Blount County will come up with some answers or more questions.


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