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Subject: Murray... more will abstracts
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 20:47:31 EDT

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McILVAINE, DAVID. City of Philadelphia. Merchant. June 25, 1761. November
23, 1761. M.218.Father-in-Law: Alexander Graydon, Esquire. Legatees: Sister
Ann [of Scotland]; nephew William McIlvain and brother William. Exec: Wife
Elizabeth and brother William.Wit: Robert Cross, William Sword, William

MURRAY, WILLIAM. City of Philadelphia. Merchant. September 23, 1762.
September 28, 1762. M.359.Children: Agnes, George and unknown child. Exec:
Wife Jane, brother John, Abraham Usher and Randle Mitchel [merchants].Wit:
John Mease, James Sloan.

McCALL, SAMUEL. City of Philadelphia. Merchant. June 1, 1762. October 4,
1762. M.363.Wife: Mary. Children: John Searle, Ann, Mary, George, Eleanor
Margaret and Catherine. Exec: Brother Archibald, brother-in-law Joseph Swift
and son John Searle.Wit: Jas. Moore, Samuel Gillaspey, Jno. MURRAY.

BARTHOLOMEW, MARY. Co. of Philadelphia. Widow, relict of John. July 18,
1760. October 7, 1762. M.370 and 372.Children: Ann [Waters], Elizabeth
[Davis], Rachel [Davis], Edward, Andrew, Joseph, Mary [Thomas], John, Thomas
and Austin. Grandchildren: Elizabeth [wife of Patrick Anderson]; Hannah
Davis; John, Joseph and Mary Bartholomew [children of son Andrew];Benjamin,
John, Hannah and Rachel [children of son Joseph]; Mary [daughter of Isaac
Davis]; Benjamin and Catherine [children of son John]. Trustees: Jno. Jones,
carpenter, David Evans, Isaac James, Humphrey Bate, Joseph Griffith. Exec:
Son Edward and son-in-law Benjamin Davis. Wit: John Davis, William MURRAY,
Benjamin Griffith. Codicil: March 26, 1762.Legatee: Sister Sarah Perry.
Co-Exec: Austin.Wit: Isaac Coates, Jno. McNellins.

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