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From: "Linda Murray" <>
Subject: Re: Murrays from Wyoming
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:30:50 -0400
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I have no known connection to this Murray family.

I thought because the states involved were Wyoming and Kansas, this one
would be a breeze. Little did I realize that there were literally hundreds
of Murray/Murrys etc. indexed as early as 1900 and 1910 in those states.
No, it's not as tough as Smith, Jones, or Johnson, but still the proverbial
"needle in the haystack" search, and I haven't finished it yet.

Still, this should at least give you something to work with on the Hardy

1900 Lawrence County, South Dakota - Spearfish School Township - June 29,
1900 - page 137
474 - Hardy, James, head; Jul 1860, age 39; married/22 years; born IA,
parents born NJ; Farmer/owns free farm #7
Fannie A., wife; Jul 1856, age 44; married/22 years; 6
children/6 living; born MO, parents born KY
James F., son; Nov? 1879, age 21; born MO
Mary O., dau; Dec 1880, age 19; born MO
Ella, dau; Dec 1886, age 13; born SD
Glenn, son; May 1891, age 9; born SD
Adelia F., dau; Jul 1894, age 5; born SD
FERN, dau; Sep 1896, age 3; born SD

In 1910, I found son James living near his mother, Fannie, in Lawrence
County, but the remaining five children were not enumerated in either
household, and I wasn't able to find them indexed in either South Dakota or

1910 Lawrence County, South Dakota - Carbonate School District #58 - Black
Hills Forest Reserve - May 4, 1910 - ED 38/Sheet 14A
287 - Hardy, Fannie, head; F W 53 Wd; 7 children/6 living; born MO, parents
born KY; no occupation; renting house

Charles Murray was found working in 1910 Weston County, Wyoming, but I
didn't find any other Murray families there.

1910 Weston County, Wyoming - Plum Creek Township - May 24, 1910 - ED
142/Sheet 8A
26 Murray, Charles, hired man; M W 22 S; born KS, father born TN, mother
born IA; Farm labor/general farm
(enumerated with a couple who were both born in Denmark and apparently

1920 Weston County, Wyoming - Election District 5 - Clifton - March 3,
1920 - ED 130/Sheet 1B
25 - Murry, Charles A., head; M W 32 Md; born KS, father born TN, mother
born IA; Rancher
Fern L., wife; F W 23 Md; born SD, father born NJ, mother born
Mary C., dau; F W 5 S; born WY
Louise A., dau; F W 3 S; born WY
Dorothy G., dau; F W 2 S; born WY
THOMAS J., son; M W 4mo S; born WY

1930 Weston County, Wyoming - Salt Creek Precinct - Election District 14 -
April 8, 1930 - ED 14/Sheet 1A
10 - Murray, Charles A., head; renting; M W 43 Md @ age 26; born KS, father
born TN, mother born KS; Farming
Fern L., wife; F W 34 Md @ age 17; born SD, father born NJ,
mother born MO
Kathryn M., dau; F W 15 S; born WY; attended school within the
Angie L., dau; F W 13 S; born WY; attended school
Dorothy G., dau; F W 12 S; born WY; attended school
THOMAS J., son; M W 10 S; born WY; attended school
Ina or Iva M., dau; F W 9 S; born WY; attended school
Robert C., son; M W 7 S; born WY; attended school
William J., son; M W 5 S; born WY
Nellie C., dau; F W 3 4/12 S; born WY

I will continue, as time permits, to check the rest of the Murray households
in 1910 Kansas to try to find Charles in the household of his parents. It
might be a good idea to order a copy of his death certificate, which should
tell the names of his parents and make the search more reasonable.

Good luck in your search,
Linda Murray

Linda in Georgia
Genealogy is my ONLY business.

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> I am looking for any info on a Thomas James Murray Son of Charles & Fern
Born 1919. Charles Murrray Born 1887. Or a Fern L Hardy Wife Born 1896. Any
info would be appreciated I have hit a dead end on this.
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