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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 15:35:32 EDT

Dear Brenda and others,

The following information was on posts at Genforum and shows connections of
MYRICK - WILLIAMS - GOFF's that appear to connect. Even the name of Lena is
in this family.

Bellinda Myrick - Barnett

Re: Council Goff
Posted by: Nell Elam Date: December 02, 1999 at 01:05:35
In Reply to: Council Goff by Judy Falls of 2038


John Goff b. 1784 Duplin Co., NC; d. 1837 in Oglethorpe Co., GA

Mary Elizabeth Williams Goff b. 1795 Duplin Co., NC; d. 1847, LA Marriage
Date: 1811, Duplin, Co., NC

Children (all thirteen):

1) Prandy B. Goff Hodges b.1813 NC; d. 1873 TX

2) John Goff b. 1815 NC; d. before 1904 in TX (fought in Civil War-never

3) Robert T. Goff b. 1817 NC; d. 1904 LA (Simsboro, LA)

4) Council William Goff b. 1819, NC; d. probably in Grayson CO. before 1904
as he is listed as deceased in the obit. for Robert Goff in 1904.

5)Young son, age not known, died at age 2.

6) Marshall Calhoun Goff b. 1822 NC; d. 10/14/1904 Lampassas Co., TX (THIS IS
MY GR, GR, GRANDFATHER) married Mary Picket 1853 GA

7) Clara Goff Joiner Eddleman b. 1825 NC; d. 1871

8) James Goff b. 1827 NC; d. before 1904 in TX; married a Miss Harrison; dau.
born, Elizabeth Goff, 1856.

9) Edward Hill Goff b. 1830 N; d. 3/25/1883 TX; married Mary Louisa Winton
1857, Hunt Co., TX; CHILDREN BORN: Council W. Goff b. 2/18/1859, William
Yancey Goff b. 12/13/1860, John Monroe Goff b. 2/26/1966, Sally Goff b.
5/5/1869, Samuel Edward Goff b. 6/16/1871, James Bert Goff b. 6/13/1875

10 & 11)(TWINS)= Green Monroe Goff & Clements Montgomery Goff; b. 1832 NC;

Green Monroe fought and died in the Civil War and left a widow behind.

Clements Montgomery died at the young age of 15, in LA; circa 1847.

12) Tom Goff b. 1834 NC; d. 1865 Was taken as prisoner and then released.
Died during his journey home to TX (as per W.Y. Goff, grandson of Edward Hill

13) Mattie Goff Myrick Davis b. 1837 in GA; d. 1918 at Arcadia, LA.

David WILLIAMS b. 1718
Posted by: Lena' Date: May 02, 1999 at 10:14:03
of 18398

I am seeking information on David WILLIAMS b. 1718, d. 1795. He married Mary
MATHIS. His father may have been William WILLIAMS, however I have no proof. I
welcome all help.


Don't know if the above LENA is part of the MYRICK family that married into
KIRKLAND that Liz MOORE and others are researching but she does have some
KIRKLAND posts on is one.......

Re: Henry A. Kirkland b. 1834 Henry Co., Al
Posted by: Lena' Date: April 01, 1999 at 18:17:51
In Reply to: Re: Henry A. Kirkland b. 1834 Henry Co., Al by Suzi Kirkland
Human of 1843

I am looking for information on my great great grandfather Benjamin KIRKLAND
of Henry County, AL. According to my great grandmother's Family Bible he
married Laura BUCHER. One of their sons was Harvey Thomas KIRKLAND b. Nov.
26, 1896 who married Idella DESHAZO.

Re: David WILLIAMS b. 1718
Posted by: Jack Williams Date: May 02, 1999 at 21:39:54

In Reply to: David WILLIAMS b. 1718 by Lena' of 18398

Are you looking for the David Williams who was from Duplin County, NC and
later settled in Bulloch County, Ga?


Hi, again,

Interestingly enough, the above mentioned Jack WILLIAMS also has posts that
he has made regarding the FRITH - WILLIAMS families which I descend from in
my previously mentioned to you PEMBERTON - WILLIAMS family which married into

And he also has a GOFF connection to his WILLIAMS which I will show below.

Jack WILLIAMS' info is immediately below:

Re: Frith families in Virginia
Posted by: Jack Williams Date: March 20, 2001 at 16:24:08
In Reply to: Frith families in Virginia by Ron Bass of 282

Go to this URL and you will find some info on the Friths of Virginia.

Ruth Goff marriage to Thomas Frith, Va
Posted by: Jack Williams Date: December 20, 1999 at 21:00:05
of 2038

Am seeking information on the marriage and family of Ruth A. Goff who married
Thomas Frith in Bedford County, Va. 2 Feb. 1800.
Posted by: Jack Williams Date: September 09, 2000 at 21:59:27
of 18398

FREDERICK KILPATRICK WILLIAMS, b. 1775-1780. This man was in Laurens and
Washington Counties, Georgia. 1st proven date is 1801 when he obtained a
passport to travel in Indian Territory. He married Charity Dees in Montgomery
County, Ga 1809. Probably born NC, disappeared 1831-32 on trip from Randolph
County, Ga to Laurens or Irwin County, Ga. Had sons David Hiram, (My
ancestor) Fred, Charles, Mark, Luke and Sebe (Seaborn) and a Daughter Ellener
called Nellie. Anyone who knows anything about any of these people, please
conmtact me.


Regarding the David WILLIAMS mentioned previously:

Re: David WILLIAMS b. 1718
Posted by: Sissy Williams Howell Date: June 14, 1999 at 10:41:11

In Reply to: Re: David WILLIAMS b. 1718 by Lena' of 18398

This David Williams may have been the father of Frederick Williams who
married Arrabicca Goff. Please contact me if you have evidence that this is


Re: David WILLIAMS b. 1718 Marilyn Kamann 9/27/99
Re: David WILLIAMS b. 1718 Lena' 10/16/99
Re: David WILLIAMS b. 1718
Posted by: Marilyn Kamann Date: September 27, 1999 at 12:19:24

In Reply to: Re: David WILLIAMS b. 1718 by Sissy Williams Howell of 18398

I have a book, "Bulloch Co. GA. Genealogical Source Material" by Alvaretta
Kenan Register that says (pg 438): " Frederick Williams, born 1751, N.C., son
of JAMES WILLIAMS and wife, MARY WALLACE. He died 1821 in Bulloch Co. GA. He
was a Pvt. in Ga. Militia (Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia by
McCall, Vol. 1 pg 201)" This is the only proof I've found as to heritage of
Frederick who married Arribicah Goff. My fifth great grandparents!

Posted by: Ellie Call Date: January 28, 1999 at 07:15:03
In Reply to: Re: WILLIAMS DESCENDANTS OF VA/KY by Sally Black of 18398

Sally: Have you tried looking under Myrick in the Forum - I found the
following James Myrick married Nancy Flewell (time frame 1792 Va. - 1872 Ga.)
- their children were Frances Eliz md. Thomas Norris; Susan md. W. D.
Williams; and James W. Could your Myrix be Myrick - and someone's surname
became a descendant's middle name. I also am looking for a William Williams -
lived in Southwestern Virginia; married a Mahala Alice Sweet (my great
grandmother) - I still haven't found his middle name. I just now found out
what her full name was by getting a copy of my grandmother's Social Security
Application. The application shows the name of father and mother of the
applicant - in this case ggrandmother was shown as Mahala Alice Sweet BUT
ggrandfather was just shown as William Williams - but I did get something for
my $7.00.

Posted by: Sally Black Date: January 22, 1999 at 16:16:33
of 18398

Am very disgusted in trying all these years of research on Williams and
descendants-have decided it isn't worth an ulcer-so am not going to try
anymore- I can't be of help to any of you searchers-if I can't find one
little line even of William Williams, susposed to have been born around 1735
in that great big state of Va.
Of course I am certain all records pertaining to him just happend to be in
the Court House the year it caught fire and burned to the ground.I have his
and grand sons etc all the way to 1920-but just have a block from him back-I
don't know where to look- I am thinking seriously of changing my maiden name
to something else and forget I ever heard the name William Myrix(yet)
Williams. that middle name should tell something-can't find anyone one by
that surname either. Sorry to sound so disgusted-but I am, Sally

Posted by: Sally Williams Black Date: March 27, 2001 at 17:05:44
Schatz of 18398

would appreciate any thing you have to offer- I am not so sure what my dad
told me abt this Roger of RI-I may descend from the nephew Roger of Va. My
earliest Williams I have been able to prove was William Myrix(Miricks-Minix-
all kinds of ways to spell it I have found. Willam Myrix Williams to my
knowledge was b ca 1734 Va. but I am not certain of the latter 2.I also found
that this Wm's grandson were cousins-especially Levi and Wesley Williams-
have you any

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