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Subject: Fwd: FGS Digest: FGS Delegate Digest - Volume 12, No. 1
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 18:29:15 -0800 (GMT-08:00)

Dear Listers:

Jo posts interesting items to the Sonoma County Genealogical Society
list now and again. Here's one of her latest.

Any questions, write to Jo -- not me.

Happy Trails,

MarinGenSoc List Admin
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Subject: [SCGS-L] Fwd: FGS Digest: FGS Delegate Digest - Volume 12, No. 1

It is my pleasure to serve as the Sonoma County Genealogical Society
Delegate to the Federation of Genealogical Societies and provide you
with the information from the FGS Delegate Digest. This issue includes
information related to two FGS Awards. I encourage you to look over
this information and contact the SCGS Board if you have suggestions for
nominees for either of these awards or any of the FGS Awards listed
under AWARDS at <>;.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions regarding
the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

Jo Russell

The Federation of Genealogical Societies, founded in 1976, has three
major purposes: serving the needs of its member societies, providing
products and services needed by member societies, and marshaling the
resources of its member organizations.

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> Federation of Genealogical Societies
> "FGS Delegate Digest"
> ===================================================
> Linking the Genealogical Community
> Volume 12, No.1 Jan 2005
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> Deadlines for submission of materials for inclusion in upcoming issues
> of the FGS Delegate Digest are
> Feb 2005: Feb 10
> Mar 2005: Mar 10
> Apr 2005: Apr 10
> ==================================
> FGS/UGA 2005
> The Volunteer Hall of Honor has two sections:
> Living Volunteer Hall of Honor - one person a year is inducted
> from the nominations received.
> Posthumous Volunteer Hall of Honor - an unlimited number of
> deceased individuals will be inducted based on the nominations received.
> Award Specifications:
> Those to be considered for placement in the Volunteer Hall of
> Honor can only be nominated by a current FGS member society. Each
> qualified group may submit one nominee per category per year.
> The Living Volunteer Hall of Honor winner will receive a
> registration to the FGS conference for the year in which he/she is
> inducted, five (5) complimentary hotel nights (Tuesday through Saturday
> at the conference hotel), airfare to the conference, and a ticket to
> the FGS banquet. The Living Hall of Honor winner will also merit a cash
> award of $1,000, donated in their behalf, to the nominating society.
> A certificate will be presented to the nominating society for each
> person inducted into the Posthumous Volunteer Hall of Honor. An
> additional certificate can be requested for the family of the
> individual inducted.
> The Volunteer Hall of Honor will be a part of the FGS Web site.
> Nominations must be received by the 17th of April of each year and
> may be submitted at the FGS Web site at <>. FGS inducted the
> first members to the Volunteer Hall of Honor in 2003. The recipient for
> 2005 will be inducted at this year's FGS conference in Salt Lake City,
> on 9 September 2005, during the FGS Banquet.
> The criteria for choosing the winner will be based solely on the
> amount and type of volunteer service rendered. Genealogy background,
> years of research, education, etc., will not be a part of the criteria.
> Please take this opportunity to nominate an outstanding volunteer who
> has made significant contributions to your organization. Also, consider
> nominating posthumously a member of your society who, during his or her
> lifetime, made a significant contribution benefiting the genealogical
> community. The process is simple and easy.
> Submit your nominations online at <> or mail the information
> to the FGS Business Office
> P.O. Box 200940
> Austin, TX 78720-0940
> *******************************************************************
> In September at the FGS/TSGS/AGS Conference, FGS announced its new
> Youth Award. Member Societies can nominate any youth; each nominee must
> either belong to the society or be a descendant of a member of the
> society who has made a significant contribution to the society. There
> are two age groups: 1) up to the age of fourteen, 2) fifteen to
> eighteen years of age.
> The prize package will consist of gifts from our vendors.
> All you need to do is submit a nomination by including the nominee's
> name, the name of your society, and a description of what the youth has
> done for your society. Nominations must be received by 1 July 2005
> Send it to
> Federation of Genealogical Societies
> Attention: Awards Committee
> P.O. Box 200940
> Austin, TX 78720-0940
> or
> E-mail to
> Be sure to put Youth Award in the subject area.
> This is a great opportunity for us to recognize the "Next Generation."
> *************************************************************************
> *****************
> FGS/UGA CONFERENCE 2005Mark your calendars now to attend the
> annual conference that will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, September
> 7-10, 2005. This promises to one of the best. It will be held two
> blocks from the famous Family History Library. There will be almost 200
> lectures, plus luncheons and a dinner. This will be our sixth year for
> Society Hall "LIVE." It started at the 2000 conference in Salt Lake and
> has grown every year. Any member society is welcome to be a part of
> Society Hall. This is the place for you to display your society's
> membership, database, and product information. You can either bring it
> with you or ship it to a local address that will be provided.
> Registration is required for space planning. Hailey Campbell of the
> Utah Genealogical Association will be the new coordinator this year.
> Send her your information at
> .*******************************************************
> *************************
> It was exciting to receive more society news items again this month. So
> many of you have good ideas, as well as interesting workshops and
> classes. This will be valuable to those societies that are new or are
> struggling to get members. Keep up the good work. Please send all
> society news to .
> Greater Omaha Genealogical Society
> Greater Omaha Genealogical Society is sponsoring the 8th annual free
> genealogy classes in connection with the Omaha Public Library System.
> Because we've outgrown the largest classroom in the library system,
> we're holding our classes at the Mormon Trail Center.
> A series of six monthly genealogy classes begins on Saturday, January
> 15, 2005, 9:00 a.m. to noon, at 3215 State St., Omaha, Nebraska. All
> classes are on the third Saturday of the month.
> This year's class titles/topics include
> Jan. 15, Getting Started with the Basics
> Feb. 19, Vital Records for Vital Information
> Mar. 19, Using the Census Makes Sense
> Apr. 16, Dead Men Tell No Tales, But Their Records Do
> May 21, Tracking the Family Across the World Without Leaving Omaha
> June 19, How to Jump the Water to Find Immigrant Origins
> All classes are free; however, pre-registration is required to ensure
> we have adequate handouts for attendees. To register, call Merrily:
> 402-706-1453 or e-mail .
> Resolve to make this your year of family exploration.
> The Green Valley Genealogical Society, Green Valley, AZ
> The Green Valley Genealogical Society launched a campaign this year to
> increase membership, following a 23 percent drop from 150 to 115
> members when dues were payable in October 2003. Green Valley is a
> retirement community, hence we meet only October through April each
> year. The following is a chronology of efforts we have made in the past
> year:
> In January 2004, we held an all-day seminar with a nationally
> recognized speaker, our first such seminar in five years. Michael John
> Neill was featured with an audience of 115 attending from Green Valley,
> Tucson, and Phoenix.
> In August, we produced our first tri-fold brochure highlighting the
> benefits of membership with an insert listing our program schedule for
> the 2004/05 season. We also signed a contract with HeritageQuest Online
> as a member benefit without raising our dues. Members can access HQ
> from their home computers.
> We had a booth at our community Country Fair in late October and
> sponsored a float in the parade. We held a free Genealogy Fair November
> 18 with thirty displays by society members and community members, such
> as a scrapbook store, historical society, quilt restorer, etc.
> Attendance at the fair was more than 270 persons. At both fairs we
> offered a series of free beginning genealogy classes beginning December
> 3 at the public library. While 114 persons signed up to attend, the
> first three classes have been held with attendance between 50 and 78.
> We located a source for a basic genealogy book to use as a text and
> were able to sell them for $10, half the retail price. Three classes
> will be held in January and three in February with a tour of the Tucson
> Family History Center the last week in January.
> We will hold another all-day seminar featuring George G. Morgan on
> February 19, 2005, with registrations already arriving. We expect
> attendance of 150, the maximum for our meeting place.
> Our membership totaled 216 persons on December 16, a record for our
> society. I write this to encourage other groups. At a time when
> genealogical societies are losing members due to Internet competition,
> it is possible to reverse the trend. While it's been a lot of work for
> the Board, we all agree it's been worth it.
> Betty Malesky, President
> Green Valley Genealogical Society
> Green Valley, AZ
> Rock Island County Illinois Genealogical Society
> (Blackhawk Genealogical Society of Rock Island and Mercer Counties,
> Illinois)
> The membership unanimously approved the name change at the 26 Oct 2004
> meeting. The re-registration with the State of Illinois was received on
> 23 Nov 2004 at which time the change became official.
> Although we liked the name Blackhawk, it did not tell
> genealogists around the country who we are and where our area of focus
> for
> genealogical research is located. Over the years, we have received many
> queries about Blackhawk, the Blackhawk War in 1832, data on veterans of
> that war, or requests for other historical information relating to
> Blackhawk. We do not have any of that type of information or data. And
> at the same time, we received few queries related to Rock Island
> County, Illinois.
> So we look forward to starting the year 2005 with a new name, and hope
> to hear from many more genealogists searching for ancestors in Rock
> Island County!
> Annual Quad Cities Genealogical Conference, 23 April 2005
> This will be the 31st conference. Held at the Viking Club in Moline, IL,
> it is jointly sponsored annually by the Scott County Iowa Genealogical
> Society (SCIGS) and the Rock Island County Illinois Genealogical
> Society (RICIGS).
> This year our speaker will be James W. Warren, speaking
> on the following topics:
> "The WPA Inventories: Road Maps to Record Treasures"
> "The Basics of Researching American Indian Ancestors"
> "Writing Your Family History in Small, Manageable Pieces"
> "Simple Steps to Organize and Document Your Research"
> Registration brochures will be mailed out in February and will
> also be available on our web site <>;.
> For further information call Marilyn Mix at 309-799-3910 or
> Dorothy Darland at 309-786-3058.
> Beginning Genealogy Workshops
> February 16, 23, March 2, 9, and 16.
> We have been pleased with the total of ninety-nine participants in the
> two recent
> beginning genealogy workshops and we see great interest for holding
> another set of workshops. So Feb.16 through Mar.9 we will hold
> workshops at the Community Room of the Rock Island Public Library, with
> a fifth session devoted to a tour and research at the Rock Island
> County Historical Society (RICHS) Library in Moline.
> The registration form has been distributed and is available on our web
> site:
> <>;. Registration must be postmarked by
> Feb 1, 2005, and total attendance is limited to 30. For further
> information contact Linda Polich at 309-234-5151 or Lorraine Hathaway
> at 309-787-1826.
> Ohio Genealogical Society
> The Ohio Genealogical Society is excited about their upcoming 44th
> Annual Conference on 14-16 April 2005 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Quaker
> Square) in Akron, Ohio. The theme this year is "From Farmland to City
> Streets: Our Ancestors' Changing Environment." We will provide 34
> speakers, including John Colletta, George Schweitzer, and John
> Humphrey. Drop us a line to ask for a registration booklet and also a
> membership brochure. OGS membership ($32 single) now includes home use
> of Heritage Quest Online (census images, PERSI, Rev War pension
> abstracts, full-text books), as well as our own databases (1880 census,
> Ohio Bible records index). We've had around 700 people at our past
> conferences, so we anticipate a good group of genealogists and vendors
> this year.
> Tom Neel, Library Director
> Ohio Genealogical Society
> 713 S Main St
> Mansfield OH 44907-1644
> 419-756-7294
> Fax: 419-756-8681
> E-mail:
> Southwest Oklahoma
> Genealogical Society (SWOGS)
> PO Box 148 Lawton, OK 73502-0148
> Native American Research Tip
> If you have been unsuccessful in locating your Native American
> ancestors in the 1900 and 1910 HeritageQuest Online census indexes,
> there is a reason. As a people, they have been mis-indexed.
> Bring them out of hiding by typing "Indian" in the surname field of the
> 1910 federal census. You will find there are 111,898 heads of families
> listed under "Indian." Enter "Oklahoma" and find there were 19,916.
> Narrow the search to "Comanche County" and there were 399 enumerated.
> After selecting a name, view the original census page that lists family
> members.
> HeritageQuest Online is available only to libraries through
> subscription. The Lawton Public Library is a subscriber and patrons
> can access it free in the Family History Room.
> Holders of a Lawton Public Library card can access HeritageQuest Online
> free from their home computers. Their password is their library card
> number.
> Residents outside of Lawton may obtain a Lawton Public Library card for
> $10.00. The library is located at 110 SW 4th St, Lawton, OK 73501.
> (The Craig County Genealogical Society brought this indexing
> information to the attention of Aulena Scearce Gibson, who shared it
> with the readers of "Tree Tracers," published in the "Lawton
> Constitution"
> on November 13, 2004.)
> *************************************************************************
> *********
> For more information about events below and calendar event submissions,
> check the FGS Web site at <> and click on calendar. Ann
> Wells, editor.
> February 5, Dallas, Texas
> The Dallas Genealogical Society announces its 2005 Lecture Series.
> February 11-12, St. George, Utah
> The Computer Genealogy Specialists and the Washington County PAF Users
> Group announces its Genealogy and Family Heritage Jamboree.
> February 19,Green Valley, Arizona
> The Green Valley Genealogical Society will host an all-day seminar.
> February 26, San Francisco, California
> The African American Genealogical Society of Northern California, Inc.
> (AAGSNC) announces an all-day conference.
> February 26, Port St. Lucie, Florida
> The Martin Country Genealogical Society announces a German Research
> Seminar.
> February 26, St. Charles, Illinois
> The DuPage Genealogical Society announces its 30th Annual Conference.
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