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From: "Loretta Barnard" <>
Subject: [Mariners-L] Capt. P. Cummings - SS Sagamore - Sunk 1917
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 12:06:19 PDT

Ive been researching Capt. Peter CUMMINGS, a merchant seaman, who was a
cousin of my gr-grandmother. Ive transcribed below, some excerpts from
newspaper articles that Ive found regarding the sinking of his ship the
SS Sagamore by a German submarine in March 1917.

Can someone tell me were Fastnet is located??? My Dad says the ship
sank off the coast of Ireland but I can find no reference to Fastnet

Also the last entry in Lloyds Captains register for Peter says:

SAGAMORE (s) 27.1.17 US
Sunk (war loss) Mar 14.17
Master Dead R.G. 22.9.17

What does Master Dead R.G. 22.9.17 refer to??? I have not been
able to find an obit or any record of Peter Cummings death other than
the reference above. Where might I find the information to which it
might refer? The Martime Museum in Newfoundland was not able to help;
although they thought the R.G. might refer to Record Group but the
22.9.17 looks like a date to me..

Where would one find a death certificate, register, Merchant Marine file
regarding his death at sea in 1917? I checked an LDS film with obits
from Liverpool in this timeframe. While there were a number of other
merchants ships that were sunk and obits of Capts, etc. listed none
for Peter or the Sagamore. Shortly after the sinking, the Bolshevik
revolution hit the papers and there was no more mention of the Sagamore.

Any help would be appreciated.


Loretta Barnard
-- newspaper excerpts follow

Born 1869, Liverpool
Passed Captains Exam 1897, Liverpool; Certificate no. 027686

21 Mar 1917 New York Maritime Register

SAGAMORE (Br s s) Boston, Mch 15 Str Sagamore (Br), Cummings, from
Boston Feb 21 for Liverpool, has been sunk. The Sagamore was in command
of Capt P CUMMINGS and had a crew of fifty. She carried a general
cargo, including munitions for the British Government, and was armed
astern with a 4.7 inch gun. Vessel and cargo were valued at $1,500,000.

15 Mar 1917 Boston Transcript

The Warren liner, Sagamore, plying between Boston and Liverpool, has
been destroyed by a German submarine, the local agents announced. She
was a four-masted steel ship, and had a net tonnage of 3385. Her cargo
was valued at 1,000.000 while the vessel was worth $500,000.

>From a newspaper scrap in my Dads possession:

Captain P. Cummings took his place and was in command when the ship went

>From Charles Hawkings Dictionary of Disasters at Sea:

The S.S. Sagamore was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine 150 miles
WNW of Fastnet on March 3, 1917. The Captain was among the 52 men

Other ships commanded by Capt. Peter Cummings: Highland Mary (s 98952),
Oakmore (s 106854), Kilmore (s 97748), Incemore (s 109411), Blairemore
(s 102167), Barnesmore (s 102167), Quernmore (s 120884), Templemore (s
102128), Foylemore (s 106860), Edenmore (s 127993), Lochmore (s 96358),
Dromore (s 109440) and the fateful Sagamore.

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