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From: Bob Zimmerman <>
Subject: [Mar] Clipper ship Serica, arriving in New York, December 28, 1871
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 19:41:58 -0400

Howdy all,

In the effort of a number of listservers to trace A.B. Edward Heselton and his connection with the last voyage of the clipper ship SERICA, Harry Dodsworth had previously noted to the listserv the following:

> The New York Times December 29, 1871 had this arrival report:
>Arrived New York December 28
>Ship Serica (of Greenock,) Captain Innes Shanghai, Sept 18,
>with tea to [agents] C. L. Wright & Co.

As this ship was one of the top competitors for the 1866 Tea Race, for which I am writing a book, I was curious to see the original of this report, and journeyed down to my local University library to take a gander.

To my disappointment, I discovered that Harry had transcribed the entire report from the New York Times. There was nothing more to see.

However, since I was in the microfilm room with lots of old newspapers, I decided to take a gamble and check out if the New York Herald had said anything about SERICA for the same date.

Bingo! Not only was there a report about SERICA's arrival in port, the report was far more complete. Here it is, in its entirety:

Brig Serica (Br[itish]), Innes, Shanghae, Sept 15, with tea to order. Passed Anjier Oct 16, Cape Good Hope Nov 16, arrived at St. Helena Nov 26 and sailed same day. Crossed the equator Dec 4 in lon 25? W. Had fine weather up to Bermuda, then had some very squally weather and split sails, from thence five days with moderate winds. Oct 8 lat 9'40"S lon 99'06"E, spoke ship Chinaman, from Batavia to New York. Nov 13?, lat 35'20"S lon 20'40"E bark Vades? (Br), from Manila to London. Nov 30 lat 24'58?"S lon 1'30"E ship Volumia? from Calcutta for New York.

This little discovery confirms to me once again the endless need to check as many newspapers as possible as I search for stuff.


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