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From: "Nivard Ovington" <>
Subject: OVINGTON wrecked in Clyde 1889
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 09:39:39 -0000

Dear all

Having an interest in the name OVINGTON I found some time ago reference
to a ship that sank in the Clyde in 1889 and wondered how it came to have
the name?

It is used by sub aqua divers and have the following information:-

The steamship OVINGTON left Glasgow with a crew of 12 in Dec 1889. Fog
forced her to stop and she was instantly hit by the steamship Victoria with
the loss of 5 crew. A huge explosion littered the sea with debris and she
sank in 5 mins. She lies upright in 32-35 mtrs. Take care if descending
below deck level. Access to bridge, engine room and galley.

I have a limited edition plate which also gives the date of launch as
being 1873

Is it likely that there might be more information somewhere? and if
so where could I find it?

Many thanks for any advice given

Best wishes Nivard Ovington Cornwall (UK)

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