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Subject: Fw: LOCH TAY official no. 60468.
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 10:54:22 -0000

The Loch Tay is listed in the 1905 Lloyds Register of Sailing Vessels.No. in
book 402 reg:60468 WQCM , Owners Glasgow Shipping Co.( Aitken Lilburn & Co.,
mgrs). built 1869 by Barclay,Curle & Co. Iron Bark, built under special
survey, iron, steel or composite according to the rules of Underwriter's
registry, well and sufficiently equipped. Iron vessel built with thicker
plating.length 225.4 breadth 35.5 Depth 21.6 gross tonnage 1250.
2 Decks. Master in the service of the owner and of the vessel itself - T C
Martin appointed 1889. This ship was surveyed as fit at Glasgow 1902 &
Melbourne(1904) so it was obviously traversing between britain &
I do hope this helps!
Caroline H

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Subject: LOCH TAY official no. 60468.

> We have a death certificate for an Orindary Seaman who drowned from the
> above ship, in 1890. By very layman calculation, roughly about half way
> between southern tip of New Zealand and South America.
> I have been into the Mariners archives and done quite a bit of googling,
> and
> found two Loch Tay vessels, but do not think fit. It seams Aitken,
> Lilburn
> & Co. owned quite a few of the Loch vessels, but not yet found mention of
> Loch Tay for them.
> From the Maritime History Archive Crew Lists, Official No:60468 gives
> years
> from 1870 to 1909.
> The Mariners List for official numbers shows: 60468 LOCH TAY Glasgow port
> of
> registry, 1191 NRT.
> The last place of abode for the deceased seaman, is given as "Ship,
> Carlisle". Whether this means the voyage started from Port Carlisle on
> the
> Solway Firth, or the seaman had been resident on a ship named Carlisle, do
> not know.
> Can anyone give further details please on this specific Loch Tay?
> Jo.
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