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From "Canadian Pacific" by George Musk -

The DUCHESS OF BEDFORD left Liverpool for Boston on 7th Aug.1942. Two days
out of Liverpool in heavy seas, a U-Boat was sighted about 400 yards astern.
Captain Busk-Wood altered course and opened fire at a range of only 100
yards. The first shell hit the water and ricochetted the length of the
U-Boat. The second struck abaft the conning tower with a terrific explosion.
Two more direct hits were scored, one entering the hull and the other
hitting the conning tower. Immediately after these hits, the U-Boats bow
rose 30 degrees out of the water and she sank. A second u-Boat was sighted
shortly afterward, but after three rounds from the BEDFORD, she submerged
quickly. For this action, the captain was made an OBE.

If this is a true account, I don't think there is much doubt that the U-Boat
was sunk.


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>A friend of mine was evacuated to Canada aboard the DUCHESS OF BEDFORD in
> 1940. (See also my posting "US built escort carrier, 1944".)
> He has a book, written and published during the War, in which is narrated
> an
> encounter between this ship and a U-boat, during which the latter was sunk
> by gunfire from the liner.
> I told him I didn't believe it, as I'd never heard of it, and such an
> incident would have been widely reported and frequently referred to in
> histories, like the epic encounter between the US Liberty ship STEPHEN
> HOPKINS and the German surface raider STEIR.
> Was I just showing my ignorance? Did it actually happen?
> Barry Johnson
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