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Subject: [McCARTY-L] William Richardson, Joseph Richardson, William Richardson family
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 11:59:15 -0400

I have just started to gather information on Joseph RICHARDSON and Elizabeth BEVAN of Philadelphia. I have been told that it is unlikely that Hannah descended from them. However, I will gather what I can on them and see how it computes.

The most likely Joseph Richardson that Darby McCarty would have bought land from is:

Joseph Richardson son of William Richardson of Anne Arundel Co Maryland. And here is why.

[The Warren Sentinel, March 20, 1947]

Register man's history

Many of our people who have picnicked up in the Fort and have asked about the old iron furnaces will be interested in the following:

Iron furnaces.

The "Isabella" Furnace was the first furnace build in the Fort Valley, 1820-30. It was owned by Samuel Richardson and his son Marcus whose home, build of brick and called "Contentment," is not far from the Fort's Mouth. Samuel Richardson was a son-in-law of Isaac Miller.

The "Isabella" Furnace was called after Isabella Calmes, wife of Samuel Richardson. She was a direct descendant of Marcus Calmes, the French Huguenot who escaped from France following the infamous Edict of Nantes.

The other furnace in the Fort is called the "Elizabeth" Furnace and is near the United States Forestry Camp and was named after Mrs. Fayette Buck. It was owned by John and Fayette Buck, Marcus Richardson, William Ashby, and the estate of Isaac Miller.

5. Isabella Calmes (Marquis2, Marquis Guillame1 de Calmes I, Guillaume WilliamA, BartholemyB, Jacques GuillameC, PierreD, ClaudE, PierreF, PierreG) was born 1729 in Stafford, Hampshire County, Virginia, and died June 10, 1796 in Waterlick, Warren County, Virginia. She married William Richardson August 10, 1746, son of Joseph Richardson and Sarah Thomas. He was born December 26, 1712 in West River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and died December 31, 1768.

These sisters were the daughters of William Richardson, of Bel Air, Maryland and Isabella Calmes, daughter of the Marquis de la Calmes, a French nobleman and Huguenot refugee, who had moved from Fredericksburg, Virginia to what is now known as Clarke County, where he planted the first vineyard in the valley. Soon after his removal to the valley, he was visited by William Richardson, who married Isabella. Besides their three daughters who married the sons of Charles Buck, there were six other children. Sarah married Major Combs; John Married Sarah Hall; Samuel married Catharine Hall; Marcus married a Miss Catlett.


Isabella Calmes, d/o Marquis Calmes II and Winnifred Waller, was born in 1732 in Virginia.

She died at age 69 on 10 Jun 1796, and is buried in the Buck Family Cemetery near Buckton, in what is now Warren County, Virginia. She married in Aug 1746 to William Richardson. He was born in 1712 in West River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The Richardsons were Quakers from Maryland, the family having been large landowners in Anne Arundel County as shown by the records there. The immigrant, William Richardson, knew William Penn in England, who was a guest of the Richardsons when he came to Maryland to meet Lord and Lady Baltimore.

Notes for William Richardson:

[The Buck Family Virginia, by William Pettus Buck, 1986, Buck Publishing Company,

Birmingham, Alabama]


William Richardson married Isabella Calmes in 1746. William was a Quaker and his home was a meeting place for the religious services for the Society of Friends. His grandfather, William Richardson who came from England to Maryland in 1665, had been a classmate of William Penn at Oxford and visited the Richardson home in West River, Maryland, along with Lord and Lady Baltimore. He was a leading mover of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in Maryland.

This William Richardson, Quaker, born 1712, was a son of Joseph Richardson, born 1678, and Sarah Thomas; and grandson of William Richardson, member of the assembly, of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and Elizabeth (Ewen) Talbot, daughter of Major Richard Ewen, speaker and governor. William Richardson and Isabella Calmes had:

(1) Elizabeth, born 1747, married Col. Samuel Price.

(2) Miriam, born 1748, married Col. John Buck. He was son of Charles Buck, who married (1) an Earle, by whom he had John Buck, and (2) her aunt, Letitia (Sorrel) Wilcocks, by whom he had Charles and Thomas Buck, who married Richardson sisters.

Charles Buck I came from Westmoreland County, Virginia, to the Valley and is said to have descended from Reverend Richard Buck, first minister of Virginia.

(3) Sarah, born 1750, married Capt. Benjamin Combs. He was son of Joseph Combs and a Bayless; and grandson of William Combs of St. Mary's County, Maryland. Capt. Benjamin Combs had a daughter (sister?), Elizabeth, who married Marquis Calmes, brother of Isabella (Calmes) Richardson.

(4) Mary, born 1752, married Charles Buck.

(5) Capt. John Crowley, born 1754, coroner of Shenandoah, 1759; ensign in a Baltimore regiment in the Revolution; married Sarah Hall, sister of Catherine Hall, who married Samuel Richardson. The Hall sisters were daughters of Francis Hall, who came from Wales to Virginia, and Sarah Bainbridge; and sisters of Richard Hall. But there was a Francis Hall (Halt, Hull, HOll) and his wife, Mary, who leased land in Shenandoah, 1772, from John Weele. This land was sold, 1782, by Frantz Holl, who signs in German, and his wife, Margaret, while resident of Augusta County, Virginia, John Buck being a witness to the deed.

(6) Ann, born 1756, married Capt. Thomas Buck, justice and Revolutionary Captain.

(7) Samuel, born 1760, married Catherine Hall.

(8) William, born 1763, married Henrietta Catlett, daughter of Robert Catlett.

They were pioneers of Clark County, Kentucky. Their descendants intermarried with Downing,

Brooking, Everett, Lockhart, Robertson, and others.

[Maryland State Archives, MARYLAND INDEXES, (Assessment of 1783, Index), 1783, Anne Arundel County, MSA S 1437]

William Richardson. AA Road River Hundred, p. 5. MSA S 1161-1-12 1/4/5/44

More About William Richardson:

Baptism: Maryland

More About William Richardson and Isabella Calmes:

Marriage: August 10, 1746

Marriage Fact: Marriage date may have been Aug 1747

Children of Isabella Calmes and William Richardson are:


16 i. Elizabeth4 Richardson, born May 29, 1747 in Frederick County, Virginia; died in Woodford County, Kentucky.


17 ii. Miriam Richardson, born December 27, 1748 in Frederick County, Virginia; died in Woodford County, Kentucky.


18 iii. Sarah Richardson, born July 25, 1750; died 1816 in Clark County, Kentucky.


19 iv. Mary Richardson, born August 31, 1752; died October 24, 1828 in Woodford County, Kentucky.


20 v. John Crowley Richardson, born May 12, 1754 in Warren County, Virginia; died 1834 in Fayette County, Kentucky.


21 vi. Anne/Nancy Richardson, born October 10, 1756 in Stafford County, Virginia; died April 02, 1823.


22 vii. Samuel Richardson, born February 01, 1760 in Frederick County, Maryland; died January 13, 1831 in Warren County, Virginia.


23 viii. William C. Richardson, born August 15, 1763; died July 06, 1821.


24 ix. Marquis Calmes Richardson, born September 21, 1768.

Joseph Richardson who married Sarah Thomas would be contemporary with Darby and could well have sold him land.

This family also has a Combs connection. I believe that this Richardson family should be looked at very closely to see if they could be the line that Hannah Richardson McCarty might belong to. As to the Combs connection, Darby sold or leased land to Job Combs in 1763 at Passage creek. Darby had two children that likely married into the Fugate family and the Fugate Family is so intermarried with the Combs family in the corner where Kentucy, Tennessee and Virginia come together that both Fugates and Combs carry a gene that sometimes gives family members a blood disorder that tinges their blood so blue that their skin has a blue cast.

Janice Severns

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