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Subject: [MCCOY] Andrew J McCoy son of John, James or Joel McCoy
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 16:54:36 -0000

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Author: g10dle
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There are just one too many Andrew J McCoys in Christian/Taney County, Missouri. I would appreciate it if anyone familiar with the Christian Count McCoy family who migrated from Tennessee in the early and mid 1840's would take a look at this problem and help me straighten this mess out.

This is the family of reference:

Archibald McCoy b.abt 1770 in VA m. Phoebe Hill

James McCoy b. 1795 VA
Joel McCoy b. 1796 VA m. Sarah Antrican b. 1796 TN
*John McCoy b. 1799 VA m. Barbara Wolfe b. 1797 TN
And 4 daughters, Elizabeth, Sallie, Nancy and Polly

I have reason to believe based on an 1840 Fed Census in Hawkins Co, TN that there is also an Archibald Jr that is the son of Archibald Sr, but that is another post subject altogether.

The family of *John McCoy (son of Archibald) had a son named Andrew Jackson McCoy b.1822 TN who I've found in the 1850 Fed Census in Greene Co, MO in the township of Finley. (This became Christian Co shortly after this census)

*John McCoy 1799/VA
Barbara 1797/TN
Phoebe 1820/TN

Andrew 1822/TN
Eliza 1824/TN

William 1826/TN
Charles 1828/TN
Catherine 1833/TN

(They seem to be split between 3 Homes or Units, but they match perfectly the children of John and Barbara McCoy and are all listed as single)

Here is the problem..

Also in the 1850 Fed Census in Taney County, MO in the township of Linn (neighboring Christian Co) is what we (most of the Christian County McCoy researchers I've spoken to anyway) believe to be "an" Andrew J McCoy.

A McCoy 1822/TN (most believe to be Andrew J McCoy)
S.C 1828/AL (popular belief is that Andrew J McCoy and S.C Harris were married in 1844 in MO)
J (m) 1846/MO
J (f) 1847/MO
S (f) 1850/MO
M Harris (m) 1825/AL (possible brother of S.C. Harris)

Most people who have this Andrew J McCoy in their tree seem to have these two Andrews' listed as one in the same. I'm convinced there are two of them and am not entirely sure who is who. It is thought by some (including me) that *John McCoy's brothers Joel McCoy and/or James McCoy may have had a son named Andrew also and that one of these belongs to them.likely the one who is not living in the middle of *John McCoy's family in the above 1850 Fed Census. (just a guess)

Other factors: *John McCoy's brother James is shown living in Taney County, MO in the 1840 Census with a wife older than himself and one daughter b. 1825-1830 and there is a J McCoy b. 1795/VA living with a brood of Hays children in the town of Prairie in Taney County, MO in the 1850 Fed Census that I believe is James McCoy living with his daughter Elizabeth and her husband A Hays and all of their children. (Not Certain, but it makes the most sense to me) I only mention this, as it may indicate that the A McCoy living in Taney County in 1850 would most likely be James son and not Joel's.who lives in Finely in 1850 near his brother *John McCoy.

There was a History published about *John McCoy that states he had a son named Andres who died in the civil war, leaving a family behind. I tried to post the link, but the link seems to be broken and goes to a blank page. The history is in my tree (Tindle Family Tree, user G10dle) under John McCoy if any wish to view it. This does not jive with anything that anyone has on any tree I've seen so far regarding this family. It is believed by most researchers here that Andrew J McCoy the son of *John McCoy was married twice, once to Ozina Smallin in 1866 and later to Mary Jane McGinnis in 1873, and died in 1881.

If anyone knows anything about these two Andrew J McCoys and who they belong to..please chime in.

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