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Subject: [McCULLEY] McCulleys from Ireland, East Coast, Ohio to West Coast
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 02:46:41 EDT

Hi, I am looking for anyone that is researching James McCulley born 1776 in
NTH Ireland, his wife Elizabeth and their descendants. They came from
Ireland (?? don't know when) and ended up on the East coast (Pennsylvania,
Virginia and Deleware). He moved to Guernsey County, Ohio where he died.
Some descendents ended up in Iowa and then Oregon and Washington. Any help
appreciated. And pardon the long message.

Dawnee Phay McCulley (Washington state)

Generation No. 1

1. James McCulley was born 1776 in NTH Ireland,and died November 18,
1869 in Ohio. Hemarried Elizabeth Unknown Abt. 1796. She was born 1773, and
died March 18, 1863 in Ohio.

Children of JamesMcCulley and Elizabeth Unknown are:

Rosannah McCulley,died June 28, 1871 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Sarah McCulley. She married Unknown Robinson.

Matilda McCulley, born Bet. 1800- 1817. She married Robert WallisFebruary
02, 1837 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Gilbert McCulley, born September04, 1801 in PA or DE; died February 23, 1888
in Washington, Washington, Iowa.

Catherine McCulley, born 1802 inVirginia.

Margaret McCulley, born 1806 inDelaware; died Aft. 1865.

Elizabeth McCulley, born Bet.1809 - 1812 in Phino County, West Virginia; died
November 05, 1899 inCambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio.

John McCulley, born 1822.

Generation No. 2

Gilbert McCulley (James1) was born September 04, 1801 in PA or DE, and died
February 23, 1888 in Washington,Washington, Iowa. He married (1)Unknown
October 19, 1825 in Ohio, Virginia. He married (2) Elizabeth Beggs August
18, 1831 in Guernsey County, Ohio, daughter of James Beggs and Ellen Miller.
She was born December 08, 1814 in Down, Nth Ireland, and died July 25, 1901
in Washington County, Iowa.

Children of GilbertMcCulley and Unknown are:

James3 McCulley, born1829 in Virginia. He married (1) SarahJane Ward. He
married (2) Mary LofflandOctober 24, 1853 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Elizabeth McCulley, born1830. She married (1) Aaron CalvertJune 01, 1852 in
Guernsey County, Ohio; born 1831. She married (2) John J. Acheson May 05,
1853. She married (3) Unknown Talbott Bet. 1853 -1888.

Children of GilbertMcCulley and Elizabeth Beggs are:

Moses McCulley, born April 21, 1834 in Guernsey County, Ohio; died January
23, 1852 in GuernseyCounty, Ohio.

Gilbert McCulley, born September 01, 1836 in Guernsey County, Ohio; died
March 23, 1900 in Tingley, Ringgold, Iowa. He married Martha Belle McCleary
December15, 1859; born November 15, 1838; died April 06, 1900.

Martha S. McCulley, born April11, 1839 in Guernsey County, Ohio; died
December 10, 1928 in Iowa. She married John K. McMullen August 29, 1871in
Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois.

Rosanna McCulley, born 1842 inLiberty Township, Guernsey, Ohio; died 1926 in
Guernsey County, Ohio. She married Napthalt L. Gibson November 25,1862 in
Guernsey County, Ohio.

Matilda McCulley, born Bet. 1845- 1846 in Liberty Township, Guernsey, Ohio;
died Bef. 1888.

John McCulley, born January 1848in Liberty Township, Guernsey County, Ohio;
died October 02, 1931. He married (1) Emma McBride May 03,1874. He married
(2) Mary ElizabethWells November 09, 1881 in Monmouth, Warren County,

Thomas Brown McCulley, born May22, 1850 in Liberty Township, Guernsey, Ohio;
died December 03, 1917 in EasternOregon State Hospital, Pendleton, Umatilla,

William McCulley, born 1853 in Liberty Township, Guernsey County, Ohio; died
1856 in Liberty Township,Guernsey County, Ohio.

Alexander M. McCulley, born July25, 1856 in Liberty Township, Guernsey, Ohio;
died November 12, 1934 in Washington, Washington, Iowa.

Catherine2 McCulley (James1) wasborn 1802 in Virginia. She married
ThomasStyles. He was born 1808 in Ohio.

Children of CatherineMcCulley and Thomas Styles are:
i. John3 Styles, born1832.
ii. Elizabeth Styles, born 1834.
iii. Mary Ann Styles, born 1836.
iv. Martha Styles, born 1838.
v. Gilbert Mc Styles, born 1840.
vi. Isabella Styles, born 1842.
vii. Robert Styles, born 1844.
viii. Matilda Styles, born 1846.
ix. Alice Styles, born 1850.

7. Margaret2 McCulley (James1) was born1806 in Delaware, and died
Aft. 1865. She married Joseph C. McMullen October 15, 1829 in GuernseyCounty,
Ohio. He was born 1793 inIreland, and died 1865 in Liberty Twp, Guernsey,

Children of MargaretMcCulley and Joseph McMullen are:
i. Ann3 McMullen. She married Mahlon Yarnall.
ii. James McMullen.
iii. John K. McMullen. He married Martha S. McCulley August
29,1871 in Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois; born April 11, 1839 in
GuernseyCounty, Ohio; died December 10, 1928 in Iowa.

8. Elizabeth2 McCulley (James1) wasborn Bet. 1809 - 1812 in Phino
County, West Virginia, and died November 05,1899 in Cambridge, Guernsey
County, Ohio. She married Robert Speers September 04, 1834 in Guernsey
County,Ohio, son of John Speers and Elizabeth Unknown. He was born 1807 in
Belfast, North Ireland, and died 1885 inGuernsey, Ohio.

Children of ElizabethMcCulley and Robert Speers are:
i. William J.3 Speers,born December 03, 1842 in Jefferson
Township, Guernsey, Ohio. He married Narcissa J. McConnell December27, 1865;
born December 06, 1844 in Harrison County, Ohio.
ii. Mary J. Speers. She married George Grimes.
iii. Elizabeth Speers, died Bef. 1895.
iv. Martha Speers. She married A. C. Barker.
v. Keziah Speers. She married George Lanning.
vi. Rose Speers. She married John McCormick.
vii. Catherine Speers, died Bef. 1895.
viii. James Speers.

9. John2 McCulley (James1) was born1822. He married Mary Ann
RobinsonAbt. 1849. She was born 1829 in Ohio.

Children of JohnMcCulley and Mary Robinson are:
i. Elizabeth3 McCulley,born 1853.
ii. James McCulley, born 1858.

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