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From: William McMahon <>
Subject: [McMAHON-L] Re: Friend McMahan
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 20:47:58 -0500
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Thank you very much for your detailed post re:Friend McMahan. I believe
it is very useful and interesting. I want to expand on it to some extent to
see if there are anything else that may fall into place. This is not to pose
any basis for argument, as all this happened almost 200 yrs ago but is
very intriguing. In TX, we know Friend McMahon as a Methodist Lay
Preacher who had "an awakening" when he was visited by Rev William
Stevenson in AR. The woods of east Texas was full of William Friend
McMahons by the end of the 1800rds and the early 1900rds. What is
interesting is to search and see what his past was and look at what might
be a case of him turning his life around.

I'm trying to sort out the dates I have in reference to Friend McMahon and
am attempting to correlate with the dates you have for Friend McMahan in
KY who we suspect to be the same person. I am attempting to see if there
are two "Friend McMahon/McMahans". I doubt it, because the Richard and
Joseph McMahan all belong to the same family as my Friend McMahon.

The following letter to the Editors of the Texas Almanac, was submitted by
William Bruce McMahon to be printed in a special feature titled "Survivors
of the Texas Revolution, published 1872, p 105. Below is the first paragraph:

"I was born in Nelson county, Kentucky, August 14th, 1798, and in
November 1808, my father, Friend McMahon, immigrated to what
was then called West Florida, but now West Feliciana parish, La,.
and was under the Spanish Government. He remained there three
years, when we went to what is now Clark county, Arkansas,
thirty-five miles from Hot Springs when there was not more
than twelve families west of the Hot Springs. In 1816 we moved to
Hempstead county, Arkansas, and in 1823 I moved to what is now
Claiborne parish, La,. and in January, 1836, I came to Texas and
settled in Jasper, but now Newton county, where I now live."

Some notes concerning events in the above time period:
A. Children of Friend McMahon and Margaret Cox who were m 9 Jan
1. William Bruce McMahon, b 14 Aug 1798 in Nelson Co KY.
2. Isaac McMahon, b 14 Oct 1804 in Nelson Co. KY
3. David McMahon, b 11 Aug 1806 in Nelson Co. KY
4. Friend M. McMahon, b 25 Oct 1810 West Feliciana Parish, LA
5. Margaret Frances, b 14 Jan 1813 Clark Co AR
6. James M. McMahon, b 25 Aug 1817 Hempstead Co AR.
7. Hester Ann, b 1 Jun 1820 Hempstead Co AR
8. Nancy, b 27 Jul 1824 Claiborne Parish LA
B. The children's place of birth match the locations Wm Bruce McMahon
listed for various periods.
C. The data you have presented re: Friend McMahan follows in part:

At 02:14 PM 05/28/2001 -0400, wrote:
>McMahan, Friend and Cox, Peggy, Bond: 09 Jan 1798.
> Signed band: David Cox
> Consent in Person: David Cox, father of Peggy
> Married by Joshua Carman, from Ministers Return

This matches and is obviously the same Friend and wife, Margaret "Peggy" Cox.

>Friend McMahan was married in the same month and same year as my ggg
>grandfather Joseph McMahan, in Nelson County.
>Shortly thereafter, these McMahan's migrated west to Hardin and Breckinridge
>County, Ky. They may or may not have been together.

It appears that Margaret was in Nelson Co at least during August 1798.
She could have then moved to Hardin & Breckinridge Co, but was back in Nelson
Co during Oct 1804 and Aug 1806.

The other references culminate on 25 Oct 1806, but their son William Bruce
McMahon states they left Nelson Co Ky in Nov 1808. [Apparantly they were
not "searching very hard" for him.] But William was only 10 yrs old at the

>Friend McMahan is listed as traveling to Tennessee when he first left Ky.
>This is according a a file in Elizabethtown by Wesley Felts of Houston,
>Texas. (1962)

This is possible, as William Bruce McMahon (WBM) was only c10 yrs old in 1808.
Do you remember if the file gave any dates?

> "After 1818, Wm. Friend McMahan left Nelson Co, Ky and settled in Smith
>County, TN.

This date conflicts with WBM's letter. If there is doccumentation, this
might be
another Friend. Do you have any dates or references to
Wm Friend McMahan in Smith Co TN? [f he had waited 13 years in Nelson
Co KY "the law", if diligent and still believed him guilty, would have
found him
as Nelson Co KY and Breckinridge County KY are not that far apart. He might
have gone to TN after Oct 1806 and been there for a short period before 1810
when he was in West Feliciana Parish, LA.]

> Then he moved to North Louisiana and assisted in forming Claiborne
> Parish.

This appears to have been his 4th stop on his journey to TX. Friend McMahon's
son, WBM, was the first "Parish Judge'' and son, Isaac, was the first

> About 1834 he moved to Jasper, Texas, settling in what is now Newton,
>County, Texas."

WBM says Jan 1836 and Ruth Hurst gave the winter of 1835/1836 which is
close enough. Also "bout 1834" is close enough as it stands to reason they
visited the area first. Friend's family and his married sons, except for David
and maybe one other (not sure), all moved to TX together along with the
family of Rev. Henry Stephenson (Methodist minister and father-in- law of
William Bruce McMahon).

Would appreciate any comments any of you cousins may have.

Bill McMahon

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