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From: Bill McMahon <>
Subject: [McMAHON-L] Re: McMahon DNA & ROLL CALL
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 23:22:40 -0500


We want to thank Patricia for setting up the process for running McMahon
(and associated spellings) DNA tests. We need to support her in this
endeavor and perhaps the best way is to discuss the ways which these tests
might aid us in breaking down brick walls and finding possible connections
between our lines.

I would want to emphasize that all spellings should be included in the
tests, because I know for a fact that various branches of my McMahon family
are listed as MCMAHON AND MCMAHAN. Whether they personally used the
various spellings, or it was the result of court clerks spelling the name
the way they personally preferred. I participated in the LOVELACE DNA
study, using my 1st cousin who carried the LOVELESS surname, and in that
test we found many branches with the two different spellings. I'm 73 years
old and all my life, I have seen MCMAHON spelled so many different ways and
such is the way that spellings change down the line in families.

I plan to participate in the test and I'll start out by outlining my descent:

1. William McMachen/McMahon, d 1749 and Elizabeth___?
2. Richard McMahon and Agnes Lilburn
3. (Major) WILLIAM Friend McMahon, Sr (d 30 Jun 1794 Ft Recovery, OH) and
Anne Cox
4. William FRIEND McMahon, Jr and Margaret Cox
5. William Bruce McMahon and Anne Bufort Seal (Westbrook)
6. James Polk McMahon, Sr and Margaret Brack Chaddick
7. William Friend McMahon and Theresa Edna Byerly
8. William Alvin McMahon, Sr and Grace Thelma Loveless
9. Me: WAM, Jr. and Frances M Browder

Above, my line begins with William McMachen/McMahon who was born in
Scotland or Wales, m Elizabeth, moved to Ireland, their children born there
and he appeared in Orange Co VA in the 1730ies. He was a Justice in the
Orange Co Court and later was the first Chief Justice of the Frederick Co
Court after that county was split off from Orange Co. His son Richard and
his family moved to WV/SW PA and he and some of his sons moved to KY. Son
John moved to TN and many of his descendants moved on to LA and TX in the

Perhaps we should have a ROLL CALL and perhaps various ones of us may see
possible connections which might be answered by the DNA tests. Basically
all male members of a family line of male members will have the same "Y"
chromosome with possible minor mutations along the way and agreement of 23
out of 25 markers is still considered KIN.

A ROLL CALL is OK with the list manager, since I am the list manager. :-)

E-mail Patricia for instructions for participating in the test: "Patricia"
We will endeavor to answer all questions to the best of our ability

Bill McMahon

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