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From: James P McMahon <>
Subject: Hibernian Journal - notes from 1771 - 1784 A Must read
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:56:17 -0600

Note these very interesting references to Mahon and Mac Mahon from the Hibernian Journal (many thanks once again to Don Schlegel for his patience and diligence in assembling this).

It was interesting to me to see the locations where the name Mahon arises and to note that MacMahon and Mahon both occur in the same locations.

I don't have any idea what this means but did find it most interesting and thought to share it because many of you may likewise find it interesting and may even find relatives in this list.

I won't comment on the jail time, hangings, robberies, or murders we were involved in except to say that it appears to run in the bloodline. Speaking of that, we're still in need of dna participants. In particular we need Clare Mac Mahons, a couple more Monaghan Mac Mahons, and Mahons of all sorts. In addition, it would be helpful to all if we could come up with some Irish participants of known descent.

Of particular interest to me was the regular mention of the Mahon surname to the south and west of Tullamore during this period. This are the earliest dates I've seen for this name in that location.

Due to constraints on email size that can be sent via rootsweb, this email will come to you in two parts.

Alas, here are the excerpts:

Mahon etc. references in Dublin's The Hibernian Journal, 1781-1784

April 29, 1771
Cork, Apr. 22. Last Saturday J. Huggins, a farmer, and Brian M'Mahon, a journeyman comber, were committed to North Gaol for passing counterfeit guineas.

May 1, 1771
in Aungier st., the wife of Mr. M'Mahon, apothecary

May 20, 1771
The household goods etc. and lease of Bartholomew M'Mahon, at the Sign of the Last, Back lane, are to be auctioned. He intends to quit the leather cutting business and follow only the tanning business.

June 17, 1771
in Corke, the wife of James Mahon, merchant

July 10, 1771
Limerick, July 4. Last Monday John M'Mahon and Richard Blake were apprehended in the west of Co. Clare and gaoled at Ennis by Crafton Vandeleur for the murder of Mrs. Larner. Last March Thomas Harrigan, servant to Michael Larner, husband of the victim, was sent to Limerick to bring home some poison [apparently with which to kill her], but instead "they" strangled her in her bed on the 27th ult. M'Mahon and Blake have confessed, being bribed to do the deed. Mrs. Larner was a young woman, married last September, and within a month of lying-in.

August 16, 1771
George Davis of Co. Longford to Miss M'Mahon of Thomas st.

September 9, 1771
Corke, Sept. 2. Last Saturday Mary Broderick and Timothy Spillane were sentenced to be transported for seven years and John M'Mahon was sentenced to die on November 1.

September 25, 1771
Bartholomew M'Mahon, at the sign of the Last in Back lane, small house to let in said lane, two doors from the Corn market.

November 11, 1771
in Back lane, Bartholomew M'Mahon, an eminent leather selller

November 20, 1771
Stock, furtniture, etc. of Bartholomew M'Mahon, tanner and leather seller, deceased, at the Sign of the Last in Back lane, joining the Taylors hall, are to be auctioned.

December 18, 1771
in College green, the wife of Ant. Mahon

April 20, 1772
James Mahon will lease the lime and salt works on the North Wall with 7 acres on the North Strand; see him there or at the Lime and Salt Works in Rainsford st.

May 6, 1772
Limerick, Apr. 27. Last Thursday began the trial of Michael Larner (who has handsome property) and his accomplices Richard Blake, Thomas Hourigan, and James M'Mahon for the murder of Mrs. Larner, big with child, on June 27. Larner, Blake, and Hourigan are to hang on May 19. M'Mahon turned King's evidence and is to be transported for life.

May 27, 1772
All the stock in trade, tools, and interest in lease of the house and tanyard of Bartholomew M'Mahon, tanner, deceased, will be sold at his late tan-yard in New Market on the Combe, at the Sign of St. Patrick.

June 15, 1772
John Thewles, against whom an advertisement in the Public Ledger of Saturday last claimed he is withholding 50 pounds left in his hands 14 years ago for Elizabeth Mahon under the will of her grandmother, defends his actions in the case.

July 22, 1772
Miss Mahon, daughter of Mr. Mahon of Dirty lane, lime burner

November 23, 1772
John Reilly of Clossahara near Waterford to Miss Mary McMahon of Kilcullen bridge, Co. Kildare

December 18, 1772
Miss Charlotte, eldest daughter of Robert Mahan of Cook st., plumber

January 20, 1773
Jan. 18. Robert Mahon of Cook st. was elected to the common council by the Guild of Merchants.

February 3, 1773
Christ. Powers of Chequer lane to Miss M'Mahon

Feb. 24, 1773
Thomas and Simon Vokes, Limerick, merchants (attorney Henry McMahon, Christ Church lane, Dublin)

March 15, 1773
in Mutton lane, Cornelius Mahon, baker

April 21, 1773
in Kevin st., John M'Mahon

May 7, 1773
A house in Rathgar, Co. Dublin, where John Cusack formerly lived, is to be set by John M'Mahon of Glancullin, Patrick M'Mahon of Ann st., Linen hall, or Owen Hogan, attorney, Fisher's lane.

June 7, 1773
afda at Limerick, James Dundon to Miss Mary M'Mahon

July 16, 1773
Dublin. Sentences issued by the Commission of Oyer and Terminer: ...Andrew Reilly, Daniel Sullivan, Charles Mahon, and Daniel Farrell, for felonies, to be transported for seven years.

November 5, 1773
Elizabeth Mahan, Caple st., corner of Mary st., is retiring from business and selling her stock of laces, joinings, ribbons, etc.

November 17, 1773
Address on a letter brought to Ireland on the Louisa: "To Ireland to the County of Cavan Coot-hill to the Chair of Thomas Maghan traden to Barney Smyth in the Parish of Aughmulan in the County of Monaghan lives on Mr. Frances Johnsons Land."

December 1, 1773
afda at Drogheda, Thomas Mahon to Miss Maypother of Balrothery

December 10, 1773
Glassney M'Mahon of Winetavern st., plumber, to Miss Susannah Sweetman of Ormond quay

February 21, 1774
Mr. Mahon of Glancullin, Co. Dublin, to Miss Kavanagh of High st.

March 4, 1774
in Strand st., the wife of James M'Mahon, tailor

April 15, 1774
of a putrid fever in the Four Courts Marshalsea [debtor's prison], Terence M'Mahon, attorney, a young man

July 27, 1774
On August 1 will open in Britain st. opposite Moore st. by Rev. James M'Mahon a school where young men will be qualified for univerisity, army, navy, or business. His first assistant is Anthony Mahon who previously taught at academies in London, at the Hibernian Academy, at the School of Cavan, and with Rev. Mr. Kerr of William st.

September 19, 1774
Richard Campsie, linen draper, who served his apprenticeship under and since transacted business for his uncle Patt. Mahon of Back lane, has commenced business at the Sign of the Ship, 91 Back lane (where the late William Strahan, silk throwster, resided).

October 14, 1774
Francis Carleton the elder, of Corke, merchant (attorney Henry Mo. Mahon, Skinner row)

November 2, 1774
at Ternevin in Co. Galway, James Mahon of Limerick to Miss Elizabeth Heyn, daughter of John Heyn

November 18, 1774
afda in Cook st., Mr. Mahon, son of Robert Mahon, plumber

November 28, 1774
Members elected to the Common Council:
Guild of Merchants: ...Robert Mahon of Cooke st.

December 30, 1774
Dublin. A paragraph contradicts one that accuses Rev. Mr. M'Mahon of killing one Lowery, a coal porter. Lowery had attacked M'Mahon, who had joined the established church.

January 20, 1775
Dublin. Jan. 14. Mathew M'Key was capitally convicted at Kilmainham for robbing the house of Widow Flinn at Harold's Cross. John Maguire and James Dowd, for robbing Alexander M'Mahon on the highway, are to be executed on February 4.

February 24, 1775
Berkeley Sidney Knox of Denmark st. to Miss Margaret M'Mahon, fourth daughter of Alexander M'Mahon, wine merchant, in Abbey st.

March 3, 1775
Dublin, Feb. 28. At the Commission of Oyer and Terminer, Rev. James M'Mahon was convicted of manslaughter in the death of a coal porter.

March 13, 1775
in York st., Mrs. M'Mahon

June 12, 1775
at Tuam, John Mahon

June 14, 1775
at Beech hill, Co. Galway, Dennis Brown of Lakeview to Miss Mahon, eldest daughter of James Mahon

July 10, 1775
Dublin. July 6. Arthur Bambrick of Usher st. was elected master and Arthur Law of Bride st. and Thomas M'Mahon of Moore st. wardens of the Corporation of Carpenters.

November 8, 1775
at his lodgings on the Combe, Charles Mahon of Strokestown, Co. Roscommon, merchant

December 8, 1775
at Finae, Mrs. Rose Mahon

December 15, 1775
Dublin. John Mahon, Patrick Brennan, and Thomas Barnwall were committed to Newgate for robbery.

January 31, 1776
In the case of Bartholomew Teeling vs. Anthony M'Mahon, defendant's household goods will be sold by the sheriff at Finglas, Co. Dublin.

March 20, 1776
at Limerick, William M'Mahon

June 28, 1776
Limerick, June 20. On Tuesday, Thomas Kelin, Mary Parker, and Bridget Keliher were apprehended and lodged in jail for robbing Nicholas Mahon's shop on April 18. Daniel Keliher escaped.

July 15, 1776
Kilkenny, July 13. John Mahon, one of a party of the Third Foot, while escorting a prisoner to Carlow Jail, was accidentally shot and is not expected to recover.

September 11, 1776
afda, John McMahon of King st., Stephen's green, apothecary, to Miss Spring of Crow st.

January 6, 1777
at Raheen in Co. Galway, Michael Mahon

February 5, 1777
In Bartholomew Teeling vs. Anthony M'Mahon, Thomas Kennan, late sheriff, will sell defendant's household furniture etc. at his house in Finglass, Co. Dublin.

March 26, 1777
Bankrupt: Patrick M'Mahon of Fisher's lane, Dublin, merchant

March 31, 1777
in Carrickmacross, Ross M'Mahon, surgeon and apothecary
at Newry, age 81, Rev. James M'Mahon, Catholic parish priest of Inneskeen

April 11, 1777
Hugh M'Mahon of the Hanaper office to Miss Byrne of Mary's lane

April 18, 1777
in Dolphin's Barn lane, John Mahon, publican

Sept. 5, 1777
A paragraph about one William Davis in England mentions one M'Mahon, tried at Maidstone in Kent within the last two years, and executed for robbery.

Sept. 24, 1777
Richard M'Mahon of Thomas st. to Miss Nixon of Bridge st.

Nov. 26, 1777
at Clonmell, William Coppinger jun. of Barry's court to Miss M'Mahon, daughter of the late Stanislaus M'Mahon of Clenagh, Co. Clare

January 21, 1778
Lancelot Slack of Belscarrow, Co. Leitrim, to Miss Peyton of Drency in said county
at Galway, Mr. M'Monough, farmer, to Miss Mahon

March 25, 1778
Waterford, Mar. 20. At the recent assizes, in county court, Patrick and Michael M'Mahon, Daniel M'Carty, and Dennis Neal, for robberies, were sentenced to be executed on March 28, but Neal is to be recommended for mercy.

April 3, 1778
Waterford, Mar. 31. Friday a respite arrived for Patrick M'Mahon who was to have been hanged on Saturday. On Saturday Michael M'Mahon and Daniel M'Carty were hanged. M'Mahon declared his innocence. M'Carty confessed his guilt but declared M'Mahon innocent of the crime.

May 15, 1778
Dublin. Michael Toole of Barberstown, Matthew Young of Carman's hall, and Anthony McMahon of Finglass were fined yesterday for selling spirits without licenses.

June 22, 1778
Limerick, June 15. Yesterday Mathew Carmody, who came to town to enlist, was apprehended, charged with the murder of ---n Welshe at the Fair of Naghtenan in July, in conjunction with John M'Mahon.

August 31, 1778
at Carhicalla near Ennis, the wife of Morris M'Mahon of Clonina and only sister of the late Charles M'Donnell of Newhall

September 21, 1778
Galway, Sept. 14. A copy of the proclamation of Dr. M'Mahon, read in all the Catholic chapels of the Diocese of Kilmore, in thanks for relaxation of the penal laws and encouraging obedience, etc., is printed.

October 14, 1778
Tralee, Oct. 5. On Thursday a sloop of Michael Hickie, carrying butter from Ballylongford to Limerick, was driven on a rock beyond Loughal Ferry, opposite the house of Col. Waller. Waller ordered his boatman Terence Mahon to go to their assistance. Mahon and ten of the 30 people on the sloop were drowned.

October 28, 1778
in Finglass, Anthony M'Mahon, formerly clerk in the Exchequer Office in Kennedy's lane

January 6, 1779
in Sligo, James Cosgriff to Widow M'Mahon

February 24, 1779
at Beaufort near Kilkenny, Rev. Maurice Mahon to Miss Coffar

July 14, 1779
The house of Nicholas Mahon in Bridge st. was robbed of cloth and he was shot at, on Saturday.

August 18, 1779
Mr. Mooney to Widow Mahon, both of Thomas st.

September 20, 1779
Roman Catholics of the City of Limerick who have subscribed additional bounties for soldiers to enter H.M. service, August, 1779 [the amount subscribed, to the nearest pound, follows each name]: Laurence Mahon 6, James Mahon 6, Margaret Mahon 11, Terence M'Mahon 3

November 15, 1779
in same, Standish Wilson to Miss Eliza M'Mahon, daughter of the late Donat M'Mahon

November 26, 1779
Charles Moore M'Mahon of Abbey st. is admitted an attorney in the Common Pleas.

February 14, 1780
in Mary's lane, Hugh M'Mahon

March 1, 1780
Galway, Feb. 24. On Monday Thomas Mahon committed William Halloran to the county gaol for stabbing Michael Regan.

March 13, 1780
Emanuel Bayly, 21 Nassau st., Dublin, to pay the debts of David Walshe, will sell Rathkevan, 3 miles from Clonmell, now let to Pierce Butler and Maurice Lonergan (details) and Connohee, 6 miles from Kilkenny. Timothy M'Mahon of Connohee near Ballyragget will show the property.

March 22, 1780
Dublin. James M'Mahon stands excommunicated in the Consistorial Court of Dublin for performing clandestine marriages. No such proceeding has been had vs. Joseph Gamble because nobody has yet given information against him, though complained of in the papers.

May 10, 1780
on Tucker's quay, Jas. Mahon, merchant

May 27, 1780
The proprietors of all the sugar houses of Ireland offer additional reward in the case of James Sheil of Galen and Maziere. Individual signatories with locations noted include Nicholas Mahon and Co. of Cork.

October 9, 1780
in King st., Stephen's green, the wife of John M'Mahon, apothecary

February 5, 1781
Kilkenny, Jan. 31. On Sunday Mary Mahon wife if Michael Mahon of Gowran was committed to the county gaol for receiving sheep stolen from the demense of Viscount Clifden at Gowran; and Catherine Mahon, daughter of said Michael, for attempting to prevent Patrick Dwyer, Clifden's shepherd, from entering the room where the sheep were concealed.

February 7, 1781
in Chapel alley, Cook st., Rev. Mr. Mahon, Catholic clergyman

March 14, 1781
Limerick, Mar. 3. On Sunday Mrs. Honora M'Mahon joined the established church in the Parish Church of St. Mary.

July 25, 1781
Kilkenny, July 21. Committed to the county jail ...On Thursday, William Mullins of Goat's Mill, miller, and William Mahon of Upper Grange, farmer, both in this county, for defrauding H.M. Corn Office in Dublin of bounties for flour they did not deliver.

August 6, 1781
at Powerscourt, Mr. M'Mahon, apothecary

August 31, 1781
in Boot lane, Mr. M'Mahon

October 12, 1781
Ennis, Oct. 1. On Saturday Donough O'Brien was sworn provost, Tim. M'Mahon vice provost, and John Peterson clerk.

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