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From: "Eunice Robinson" <>
Subject: RE: [McQUEEN] The family history
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 07:55:11 -0800
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Over the past few nights I had been working on the construction of Robert
Dundas McQueen - didn't quite get him connected to Robert Mcqueen, Laird of
Stoneybrn & Whelphill - but thanks to your information, now I know. While
in Salt Lake a couple of years ago, went through some of the large printed
books and extracted information on the McQueens in the Register of Deeds and
Index to the Record Services kept in Chancery - these books are big ones,
but photocopied the pages for years as early as 1750-1759 up to about 1881.
Still wading through, so will pass on information when I get it a bit more

You mention Robert and his 3 sons. My husband descends from William - son
#2, and from William's first son Robert who married his cousin Elizabeth
(daughter of Robert - son #3. Margaret McKinnon of California also descends
from this union.

You are correct in your assumption that the Loudon that I mentioned was the
merchant in Liverpool. This is the line that Betty Allison of Altrimcham is
descended from.

I had managed to trace the McQueen's back to the marriage of Robert and
Elizabeth, but it was the information from Margaret that gave me the
breakthrough. Back in 1981 I had done an inexpensive McQueen genealogy
booklet, and donated a copy to the Family History Library in Salt Lake -
after all I had used their resources to compile most of it.


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Crawfordjohn and Leadhills are in the Scottish lowlands - well south of
Glasgow, not too far from the river Clyde - and to the west of the country
and I think they have always been within the shire of Lanark, although they
do border Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire and Peebleshire.
My own Macqueens are predominantly from Eaglesham, Neilston, Stonehouse,
Avondale and Lochwinnoch which are quite close by. All but one of them left
Scotland in the 1870's. All settled in England - in Birmingham
(Warwickshire), London, Winchcomb (Gloucestershire) and Market Drayton

Through this listing, I found that my husband's GG grandfather Archie's
sister Mary (who I did not know existed) married a chap called 'Gall'.
That line settled in the USA.
I believe that there is a Braxfield connection because I have two
distinctive names in my tree (Lilias Macqueen and Robert Dundas Macqueen)
which are also found in the infamous judge's tree which kicks off as
his grandfather Robert Mcqueen was the Laird of Stoneyburn and Whelphill.
He had 3 sons, (1) John, (2)William and (3)Robert.
(1) John became the Laird of Braxfield and Robert Macqueen of Braxfield is
one of his sons.
(2) William became tenant of Cowhill, Crawford parish. Incidentally, he had
two sons+ 3 daughters - the sons were Robert (b.1723, d. 1795 m. Elizabeth,
his cousin, in 1750. They had 14 children) and William. I think there was
a reference to this Robert and Elizabeth in the emails a few days ago. Also
I think that the Loudon Mcqueen referred to by Eunice is quite possibly the
8th son of Robert and Elizabeth. My notes tell me that he became a merchant
in Liverpool and was drowned there. He left one son, John bn Feb 22nd 1797,
and two daughters ( I do not have their names at the present time).
However, John was to marry a Marrion Hunter. They had 3 children, Loudon,
Marrion and Hope.
Eunice if this is your line, do you have this info as I do have some more
(3) Robert became tenant of the Castle of Crawford. He had 3 sons - Robert,
William and James + Elizabeth (who married her cousin as discussed

Eunice and I have exchanged notes for a while, though I have to admit that
I had not quite mastered the lines in detail. There is also Margaret (in
Canada) who has done lots on those lines.

Well still no firm ties for me - but you never know!



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