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From: "Scott D Kendall" <>
Subject: [McQueen] McQueen family of Tennessee and Kentucky
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 22:18:53 -0500

Genetic testing has proven John McQueen c1761-1855 is NOT genetically
descended from Dugal McQueen c1690-c1746 of Maryland.

John's descendants are genetic matches to the descendants of Samuel McQueen
bef 1750-c1794 of NC and TN. There has been speculation John could be
Samuel's son, brother, nephew or cousin. John was living near Jonesboro TN
until around 1794. It appears he moved shortly after Samuel's death. This
could possibly support the close relationship with Samuel who also lived in
the Jonesboro area. Further research and genetic testing is needed to prove
the common ancestor of John and Samuel.

John Beatty McQueen 1825-1912 is the son of an unknown Beatty male (possibly
Henry or Samuel Beatty of Estill, Lee or Owsley County, KY) and Elizabeth
"Betsy" McQueen, daughter or John McQueen/McQuinn/McQuin 1761-1855 of Estill
County, KY. John Beatty McQueen had a brother Samuel.

We know based on court records Henry Beatty had an illegitimate child.
Henry's behavior could support him as being the father of John Beatty
McQueen. Or there is a possibly it was one of Henry's sons: William, Samuel
or Robert. (p. 100, 20 Feb 1815, Henry Beatty charged of bastardy by Sally
Winkler late Sally Asbill, male child, p. 103, 20 Feb 1815, Binds unto Henry
Beatty, Henry Asbill infant of Sally Winkler late Asbill to learn the
occupation of wheel wright. Kathleen, Carol Lynn Puckett & Ellen & Diane
Rogers Edward, compiler, The Beginning of Estill County 1808-1869 (Highway
11 North, Beattyville, KY 41311: Powell Press).

John Beatty McQueen is NOT genetically related to Dugal McQueen. John's
mother, Betsy McQueen, and his maternal grandfather, John McQueen/McQuin,
are NOT descendants of Dugal McQueen. Neither John nor Samuel is descended
from Dugal McQueen c1690-c1746 of Scotland and Maryland.

I would like to openly discuss the genetic finding and the documentation
shared by others that supports the relationships between John, Samuel and

Scott Kendall

PS. We seem to be having a similar issue with Orville Rice/Riston McQueen, a
descendant of Samuel McQueen and Hannah Dugger.

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