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Subject: Re: [Melungeon] Re: Blood positive/negative
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 22:20:11 -0400
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I wish I could remember the source, but somewhere I read that RH- is found
alot in Spanish people's babies. I know there were several babies died on my
father's side from RH- I was told, and there is spanish blood on that side
as well.
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Subject: [Melungeon] Re: Blood positive/negative

> Hi Guys!!
> There are some other factors in the blood that can cause problems in
> pregnancy besides the positive and negative things, but as I understand
> if both of you were positive, then the rh negative factor should not have
> been involved. Must have been one of the other factors instead. Can't
> you about those since I have not researched them, just know that they are!
> NancyS
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