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Subject: [Melungeon] Misc. names and Melungeon info
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 13:30:25 EDT

Hi List, I am going to send some web sites and list some of my thoughts on
the Melungeon people. I thank Linda Frye for the web site listing Chavis and
Gibson. I went to http// and found a ton of info
on that site. I will copy as much of that site as I can and then glean what I
can from it. This site has done something that I did not know was done and
that is they have listed all of the 1790 NC FPCs ( plus more ) or All Other
Free persons.
I will list again the Russell CO VA web site for all of you to check out for
surnames. I got a copy of the Brent Kennedy book on loan from Penny Ferguson
and found most of his family listed on the 1850 Russell CO VA census. The
person or persons who put this census on that site has annotated a lot of the
families there. They show who are the parents of many of the people on this
I copied most of the Russell CO VA tax lists from 1785-1800 and looked for
Melungeon surnames there. The Bunch and Gibsons seem to be living there in
the 1780s and 1790s. The main group of Collins and Gibsons seem to be found
in Wilks CO NC 1780s and 1790s. They show up in Ashe CO ( was Wilks 1798 ) in
I did not know that they Chavis and Gibsons had a connection until I saw the
e-mail from Linda. I sent out an e-mail a few weeks ago about the Mulattos I
found on the 1755 Orange CO NC tax list. This list showed Gideon Bunch,
Micager Bunch, ( found a Micager Bunch on the 1792 Russell CO VA tax list )
Charles Gibson, George Gibson, Mager Gibson, Samuel Collins, Thomas Collins,
Thomas Collins Jr, Moses Ridley and Mary Ridley as Mulattos. I also saw the
names of Gideon Bunch and Micajah Bunch listed as white on that list.
The Bunch family shows up in Lee CO VA 1794-1810 and you can see some of
these names in Lee CO VA from the Russell CO VA web site.The Bunch and
Collins families are found on the 1770 Botetourt CO VA tax lists with Osborn,
Isacc Weaver, Morris Baker and Moses Damron. Isacc Weaver and Morris Baker
show up on the 1787 and 1790 Wilks CO NC records. Moses Damron shows up in
Surry CO NC 1770s and his son Moses Damron shows up on the 1782 Montgomery CO
VA tax list.
Misc. families I have found in NC, VA and KY-
1) Moses Damron of Surry CO NC is listed as having a sister Judith Damron
from Goochland CO VA who married Noble Ladd.
2) Ambros Hamon- is listed in 1787 Wilks CO NC as the tax lister for Capt.
Nall's dist. The name of Ambros Hamon appears in the early 1800s Russell CO
VA census records. Here are some of the names found on his records.
MORRIS BAKER, Ambros Collins, Thomas Gipson, William Weaver, Micajah
Pennington, William Pennington, Joshua Weaver, Jurdin Gipson/Jordan Gibson,
Andrew Gipson/Gibson 1790 Wilks CO NC 10th dist, George Collins, Moses
Talliafaro/Tolliver, Samuel Collins, Mary Gibson and Jesse Tollafaro/Tolliver.
1787 Wilks CO NC tax list of Capt. Johnson taken by Ambros Hammon-
Robert Hamon and Ambrose Hammon
Randolph Holbrook- found 1774 Surry CO NC and 1810 Floyd CO KY.
John Amburgy SR.- This family is found in Russell CO VA 1850 and part of
this family is found in Perry CO KY1830.
Joseph Hamon, Benjamin Hamon, John Holbrook Sr., William Canady, john
Holbrook Jr, Zachariah Holbrook.
James WEBB- b) ca 1737/38 this may be the James Webb who married Littie
Nelson and is listed as the son of John Webb & Mary Boone- sister to Squire
Boone-father of Daniel Boone. The listing on James Webb shows he died in
Perry CO KY ca 1825.
Stephen Caudell- listed next to James Webb- James Webb's dau. Sarah married
Mathew Caudill ca 1793 Wilks CO NC. Mathew Caudill & Sarah Webb had a son
named Stephen Caudill b) 1794 who marr. Sarah Younts 1814 Floyd CO KY.
Stephen & Sarah are found 1820 Floyd CO KY and 1830 Perry CO KY. Note: my
Cope family lived in Perry CO KY 1830.
John Amburgy Jr. may have marr. Elizabeth Hammon and are found in Russell CO
John Hamon- next door to Amburgy
James Caudill SR., William Holbrook, Edey Holbrook, James caudill JR, Thomas
Caudill, William Hamon.
Spencer Adams- found 1810-1820 Floyd CO KY.
1787 Wilks CO NC tax list of Capt. Carrell-
William Tolby- marr. Margaret Canady- found 1820 Floyd CO KY living next to
my Cope family. The Tolbys' are found 1830 Perry CO KY and one of them
married into the Cope family in Breathitt CO KY.
1787 Wilks CO NC tax list of Nathaniel Vannoy-
William Jones- poss. father of Isaac Jones who marr. Elizabeth Cope- William
Jones died in Clay CO KY 1822.
Vincen Hollsworth- may have marr. Mary Beasley- this family is found 1800
Ashe CO NC and 1820 Clay CO KY ( Beasley Hollingsworth 1820 Clay CO KY ).
Stephen Reed- listed 1800 Ashe CO NC- Black- family found in Clay CO KY 1820
Moses Smith- dau. Rhoda married Isaac Jones son of Vinson Jones & Elizabeth
Cope. Note: another Isaac Jones -son of William ?- married Elizabeth Cope
niece of Elizabeth Cope above. Isaac & Rhoda Smith Jones and Isacc &
Elizabeth Cope Jones are found on the 1810 and 1820 Clay CO KY census.
Joshua Penniton/Pennington
Vencen/Vinson Jones- marr. Elizabeth Cope ca 1772 NC
Justice Boland
Young Coleman
Thomas Calloway- marr. Judea Ann Moffitt-
Benjamin Cutbirth- marr. Elizabeth Wilcockson- dau. of John Wilcockson &
Sarah Boone- sister to Daniel Boone. Elizabeth's sister Rachel is listed
married to William Bryant and they are found several names from Wiley Cope on
the 1810 Clay CO KY census.
Samuel McQueen- marr. Hannah Dugger- Note: Ann Dugger marr. Samuel Burns ca
1791 Wilks CO NC. Benjamin Dugger is listed next door to William Burns 1787
Wilks CO NC and to Samuel Burns 1790 Wilks CO NC. Samuel Burns is listed as a
brother to William Burns and William Burns is found on the 1820 Clay CO KY
census. William Burns son Brice Burns is listed next door to Wiley & Keziah
Burns Cope on the 1810 Clay CO KY census.
Daniel Cutbirth-marr. Elizabeth Coleman-Daniel son of Benjamin Cutbirth
Benjamin Greer- marr. Nancy Wilcockson- another dau. of John Wilcockson &
Sarah Boone.
Joseph Calloway- marr. Polly Barret
William Calloway
Thomas Calloway SR. may have marr. Mary Baker
Barnet Owen- 1774 Surry CO NC- son Barnett Owen found 1830 Warren CO TN.
Note: this is just a hunch but these Owen/Owens might be related to the
Owings family found in Rowan CO NC tax list of Morgan Bryan JR 1768. The
Copes' are on this tax list. I have seen some of the Owings men listed later
in Rowan CO NC as Owens.
I played hooky from work today and thought I would send some info out to all
of you. Some of this I have sent before but I added a few more names that I
found info on. As I like to say " I am only as good as the record shows or as
they are listed ".
PS- the Freeafricanamericans site show the name of Stephen Jett and I found
that name in Granville CO NC 1787 and Clay CO KY 1820.
<A HREF="">Russell County
Virginia Genealogy</A> <A
HREF="">Virginia, North
Carolina and South Carolina</A> this is the Freeafricanamericans site. For
those of you who have the Brent Kennedy book look for the Mullins family and
some of the others he has listed in his book in Russell CO VA up to 1850.

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