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Subject: Re: [Melungeon] Tuckahoe Indians
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 08:17:49 EDT

Dear Two Waters,

Yes, thank you very much! I would like some help. You kind of surprised me
when you said "Algonquian". Although I was born in the Appalachian
Mountains, (Virginia/Kentucky border line), I grew up in the north (New York)
and if my
memory serves me correct, the names I remember from history classes
covering New York State, were Iroquois (sp?), Mohawks and Algonquian.
Of course, I'm getting on in age, and may be wrong. If I am correct, the
Algonquian must have been a very large tribe?

My Mary "Cole" (her last name in dispute was born about 1760 in Yancey
County, NC. Many from this line of David Cox and Mary Cole say she was Native
and some say she was Cherokee. However, the post on one of the forums, that
I had put the most store by (because they talk of having a family bible, and
oral tradition) says " Mary told her children that she was of the Tuckahoe
of the Cherokee Indian Nation. Tradition has it that she was Tuskeege" I
a search on Tuskeege, just I did on Tuckahoe, and absolutely nothing! Now,
reading your post I am beginning to wonder if I have any chance of
discovering the
truth.... or even the most likely possibility.

I started doing this family research because it is so interesting, and a lot
fun. But it has become more than that now. I would like to be able to leave
this history for my children and grandchildren. I don''t have much in the way
of wealth to leave them, but I would like to leave them this family history;
and hopefully one of them will continue project (adding information, and I;m
sure correcting some of mine :-)

Again, thanks.

> Dear Anne and List,
> The reference to being a 'Tuckahoe Indian' is
> an old Native American inside joke. Sort of an
> inside the family insult.
> There is no tribe called Tuckahoe, it refers to all Algonquian speakers
> of the Blue Ridge Mountians.
> The Algonquians in the West ate different foods than the ones in the East.
> The ones in the West considered the ones in the East rather backward and
> a little bit stupid. The word 'ptuckweoo' in Western dialects means 'it is
> round', ie bread. When you refered to an
> Eastern Algonquian speaker and said he is ptuckweoo, your are refering to
> him as an eater of something round, ie mushrooms,fungus, mushrooms grow in
> poop, etc.etc.
> When White people asked an individual "what tribe is that person over
> , if the person being asked didn't care much for the other person, she's '
> ptuckweoo', White guy hears 'Tuckahoe'.
> 150 years later it's still a pretty good joke.
> If you need to find the true tribe of your ancestor, find out which
> Algonquian speaking tribe was in the immediate area at the time or
> post the area to the list and I'll help you out.
> Regards,
> Two waters

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