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From: "kathy" <>
Subject: Re: [Melungeon] Re: Melungeon-D Digest V01 #773
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 14:40:00 -0400
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Thank you Wanda. I just happened to read your post by mistake as I was going
through and deleting, without reading, the posts that were probably
replying to my last post. I don't want anymore hate mail or being told to
shush becuase someone misundertood me or I didn't make myself clear or I
stepped on toes because I don't like some president. Good grief. I don't
intend on harming any by asking questions or stating other sides of the
issue either. I am learning and at the same time trying to understand other
peoples views. I dont' say that's hate. I guess I should always start my
posts with:

"the poster in no way claims that these statements are her view".

or something like that ..............

you've always been real nice to me and everyone Wanda. Thanks.

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Subject: [Melungeon] Re: Melungeon-D Digest V01 #773

> HI Kathy,
> I enjoy your posts as i learn from them. Like you: there are way over
> 6000 dead. WHY???
> I dont know them but they were Americans for the most part. I have
> heard many reasons that this happened.the reason that i buy is bin L was
> kicked out of his country and is angry at everyone. He is wicked.
> Old W VA Hillbilly Wanda
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