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Subject: Re: [Melungeon] Re:AOL
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 16:23:06 EDT

A few solutions that a computer tech gave me to free up hard drive is to make
sure that the temporary Internet files are emptied. I thought I had done it
every time, but a few remained each time till I found over 20,000 files that
had not been deleted. What I had to do was first empty the files in the
conventional manner, then go back and click on the files and go to the sub
files. In my personal computer there was about 30 sub files. I had to click
on each of them and found so many of them I was shocked. I was unable to
delete them and had to send them to the recycle bin. After that I went into
the temp files and deleted all in that folder. I also defrag at least twice
a week and then run the McAfee Anti-virus program after I defrag. It all
helps somewhat, but I still have a lot of time that I am locked up by AOL. I
have a cable connection that I will use as a back up and it seems not to be
bothered as much by the slowness. I think that AOL is going thru the same
problems they had a few years ago when everytime you tried to get online you
got a busy signal. I just hope they get it fixed.

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