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From: "Suze" <>
Subject: [Melungeon] Lamont/Lamb clan
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 13:10:23 -0500

I'm still finding things from my mom and dad's house that I haven't dealt with yet. Thought about the other Lambs/Lamonts on the list and thought you guys would find this interesting. Mom brought it back from Scotland. It shows the coat of arms and clan saying.

Coat of arms shows two men dressed like Adam (from Adam and Eve) holding clubs in their hands and holding a shield with a lion on it between them. Over the shield is a knight's helmet with a hand raising above that -- palm forward and all fingers and thumbs skyward. I'm sure that means something other than "Hi," but I'm clueless...

The clan saying is NE PARCAS NEC SPERNAS

The history on the back says:

Lamont: In earlier times, the Lamonts possessed considerable lands in Argyilshire, but through the encroachment of owner clans their territory was reduced to Cowal. The early chiefs were known as Lamont of Inveryne. John Lamont was, in 1539, knighted and his lands made into the Barony of Inveryne. Toward Castle, the old seat of teh chiefs, was destroyed by the Campbells (which is when my clan became under the "protectorate" of the Campbell clan) and, in 1646, 300 Lamonts were massacred. Thereafter, Ard-lamont became the home of teh chiefs. The Lamonts were called Clan 'ic Fhearchair (MacKeracher) after their first known chief Ferchar, who was alive about 1200. Ferchar's grandson, Laumun, held a judicial position as "law man" and his office became the surname of the his clan.

Clan badge: Crab Apple Tree.

According to Clan Histories, courtesy of Locharron Products Ltd.

This isn't exactly the history my uncle gave me, so don't know how accurate this might be. I'll post the clan history according to my uncle another time. It includes our Clan Tartan.


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