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From: Caudill Family <>
Subject: [Melungeon] Fightin' & Scratchin'
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 22:39:25 +0000
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Hello list,

Just a note from a long time (about 3 years) subscriber to this list. I joined not long after 1st Union, I was at 2nd Union, and the Berea KY Meeting. I learned a lot and met some really great people. I planned to be at the last Union or the Paintsville, Ky meeting the same weekend but family illnesses kept me away.

I am a general lurker, sometimes I respond off list & on list to questions or geneology querys, but I generally don't have time to get into the squabbles. I am a Melungeon Descendant, through the Ritchies (who married Melungeon girls), and some of Mullins lines listed in Kennedy's book. I have numerous other lines that are undocumented Native American or most likely Melungeon. Seems like over half of my ancestors may be Melungeon. I live in Breathitt County, Ky as my ancestors have since the 1790's. (and yes I can trace them back that far back living in Breathitt Co. area)

I have the bump, the shovel teeth, the asian eye fold and many other physical characteristics of Native
Americans. I have a first cousin and a brother diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have a few mild symptoms - and yes, Nancy I have reviewed and shared your wonderful information with many others.

We all have our theories as to the origins of the Melungeons. I personally believe they have been in these Appalachian mountains many, many more years than most researchers believe. I read the Ancient American (Archeology) Magazine and find many articles about Mediteranean, Egyptian, Irish, Norse, and Jewish visitors to the Ohio Valley since about 300 AD if memory serves me correctly. So many artifacts have been discovered, (Roman coins in Powell Co KY-50 miles from me-, seven foot skeletons in Perry Co, Ky, a Spanish Cross in Floyd Co, Ky, Ancient Irish Ogam Writing in Clay County, Ky ect.) often under the strictest scientific conditions but have been dismissed as forgeries because they do not fit in with the "Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue" prevaling theory.

Do I subscribe to the Exotic Theories I have seen ridiculed on this list and many others. Yes, I guess I do. So what!!! Your theories are no more legitimate than mine until they are proven as fact. A scientist approaches any problem with an already established worldview. He will try and find scientific evidence to support that worldview, he cannot help it. There is no such thing as an unbiased researcher. My worldview is from a Young Earth, Scientific Creationist, Christian Viewpoint. Everything I study, read and view is filtered by that worldview. I don't apologize for it, I simply state where I am coming from. I have my viewpoints and theories, but I do not ridicule anyone else for their conflicting views. If you have a disagreement with me, give me your evidence...... not your name calling and snide comments. I've had quite enough of those all my life, living as I choose to, in Eastern KY.

It seems to me, that a lot of the recent fighting and snipping has been because the recently incompletely released DNA study, did not show the results that certain people were hoping for..... Well....too bad! You can argue about how the study was done, who were the subjects, ect until the cows come home and it won't change the RESULTS OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE TESTED! The people who took part in the study had certain definite results. We other descendants, or those who are still searching for their Melungeon ancestors will not be able to use the information for ourselves unless the participants release their own results. And it is their right to release or keep it secret at their discretion.

Am I curious about my own DNA?? Yes, Most definitely! Will I be upset about the results...Nah.... I cannot change who I am or who my ancestors were. But I sure am curious. To me the DNA study is just one more tool I have available to me to learn about my ancestors. Would I like to be part of a future "Outlying cousins" study. Yes I would.

Remember folks, this study was a preliminary one. I believe Dr Kennedy had his own DNA tested and it showed results he expected to find (from his geneology studies) and an unexpected result (Siddhi). I think this led him and other curious Melungeon Descendants to set up the DNA research study to see if similar results would be found.

I for one would love to see the DNA results of descendants of the Mandan, Monacan (if any descendants can be identified), Yucci and Cherokee tribes (to name a few). I would not be very surprised if the results of their DNA tests were quite different than the researchers suspect. I personally think that we Melungeon Descendants will have a lot more in common with SOME Native American tribes than we think at present. If I am wrong, will I have a "coniption fit" as my granny would have said? Nah..... I'll just say, well it was a good theory...the facts just didn't go along with it. VBG!!

The one thing I am sad to see missing, on this list, since the DNA study and Monacan Nation quarrel came up, is a loss of "family association". I've seen many arguments come and go over the years, read most of them, laughed or shook my head at the occassional crass stupidity displayed for all the list to see, cried over forwarded stories and links, and prayed for list members and their families. In the early days we seemed to care more about who we were, where we came from (not geographically) and identified with a common heritage of being not quite as socially acceptable as others in our community, of having common ties, and customs no matter if we lived in Oregon, Florida, Kentucky, Texas or wherever. I've seen so many people come and go, some because of hurt feelings, some because of busy schedules, some because their skin was not quite thick enough. Some, I suspect, are like me, just lurking around and reading posting & digests to keep up with whats going on with the gro!

If someone gets upset with this post- I'm sorry. I will answer rational agruments and delete the irrational. No one will run me off this list. (unless Dennis unsubscribes me - VBG!) I stay on the list to learn and sometimes to share. I love to help "cousins" find their roots. I love learning about Chocolate Gravy and that "cousins" in Mississippi love Shuck Beans! I enjoy finding out my krilled ankle may be a turkish word and that Indian Princess Great grandma actually was Indian and I had quite a few more who were also. I was glad to find that my husbands VERY rare eye disease, that is more common in areas of the Mediteranean, was also suffered by a previous list member. (Eales Disease - So rare you could not find any hits-information on the internet when I first started my Melungeon Research).

Below is my roll call of my some of my ancestors or my husbands' (from Letcher Co KY). * means known or suspected Melungeon lines or suspected Native American lines. I have no proven Native American lines. I, like many others, have strong family histories of Native American ancestors but none have ever appeared on any roles, although some lived in known Native American areas. Some of these ancestors I have extensive information on, some I just know their names but no parents or siblings. Glad to share with anyone researching these lines.

God Bless!

Pat Riley Caudill

ADAMS - 1800’s Va and NC to Letcher Co. KY
BACK- Va to Letcher and Breathitt County, Ky
*BRADLEY- Russell Co VA to Floyd/Breathitt KY
*BRYANT - early 1800’s - probable relations to Daniel Boone family - Wythe and Wise Co VA
*CAUDILL- 1800’s NC to Letcher Co, KY
CLEMMONS - late 1700’s - Russel Co?, Western VA to Floyd/Breathitt KY
*COLE-Wife of Hicks who died in Hawkins Co, TN
*COLLINSWORTH/HOLLINSWORTH - mid to late 1800’s - Clay Co KY
ESTEP - mid 1800’s - Lee & Harlan Co KY
*HALL - early 1800’s -probable Va to Leslie Co KY
*HICKS- early 1800’s - VA to Perry/Floyd KY
*FOX - early 1800’s - Anderson Co TN
FUGIT/FUGATE- mid 1700’s - Shenandoah and Russel Co, VA to Breathitt & Perry Co, Ky (2 different lines-may be related)
*GRIGSBY - late 1700’s - Russell Co VA (In Kennedy’s Book)
HOUNSHELL early 1700’s Botetourt VA, later Wythe Co & Wise Co VA
*MULLINS - early 1800’s - Perry Co KY, VA (related family In Kennedy’s Book)
NOBLE - late 1700’s - Lee Co VA, Breathitt Co Ky
PRITCHARD - mid to late 1800’s - Owsley Co KY
*RILEY - early 1800’s - Probably Russel Co VA to Clay/ Lee Co KY
*RITCHIE - Late 1700’s - Russell Co, VA (In Kennedy’s Book)
*ROBERTSON/ROBINSON - late 1700’s - TN to Letcher and Breathitt Co, Ky
*STAMPER - early 1700’s NC to Breathitt Co KY
*WELLS ( 2 lines, may be related) - late 1700’s - VA to KY

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