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From: Barbara Ellison <>
Subject: Re: [Melungeon] Questions
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:44:52 -0600
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If you study the populations that were in VA and the Carolinas from before
the Collins and Gibsons were recorded in TN, and if you check the
forebearers of the other people who married into the Gibsons and Collins,
you will get a good idea about the Gibsons and Collins..They didn't drop in
from another planet..
Has no one ever yet confirmed where the ancestors of Gibsons and Collins
were before TN? Liklihood was VA and Carolinas where there were plenty of
others with the same surnames..
Just a thought...
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Subject: [Melungeon] Questions

> Dennis wrote:
> "Linking valid DNA evidence to as yet unproved, and in the case of the
> date, downright fanciful, origin theories, does the DNA evidence no
> The basic message of the preliminary DNA data is that the original
> Melungeons were tri-racial -- black, white, Indian -- just as most
> have long thought."
> Our Melungeons website is dedicated to presenting historical articles and
> finding "factual information" on the original/historical Melungeons.
> you could tell us the names of the "original Melungeons" that were black,
> white and Indian and perhaps where you found this factual information.
> If we are to believe Vardy Collins and Buck Gibson were the "original
> Melungeons" then am I to assume you have factual evidence they were black,
> white and Indian ? I am not aware there has been any evidence presented
> either of their parents were. I was not aware the Bolin, Bunch, Goodman
> other Collins' mentioned as "original" had been documented as Indian or
> either, perhaps we are not talking about the same "original Melungeons"?
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