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From: Barbara Ellison <>
Subject: Re: [Melungeon] Questions
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 16:27:04 -0600
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I meant others in the earlier surrounding population with the Gibson and
Collins name, as well as those with the same names as those who married into
the Gibson and Collins lines in TN...Tho checking the neighbors of the
earlier Gibsons and Collins from surrounding areas would'nt hurt, since
mixedboods did tend to hang out together a lot, tho not in every case...
If the John Collins mentioned below was Indian, as what you quoted states,
then he either took the english name or was not fullblood Indian
himself...the latter being more likely considering the date of the record...
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> > If you study the populations that were in VA and the Carolinas from
> > the Collins and Gibsons were recorded in TN, and if you check the
> > forebearers of the other people who married into the Gibsons and
> > you will get a good idea about the Gibsons and Collins..They didn't drop
> > from another planet..
> >
> We are not talking about populations or ancestors of the Gibson and
> 'neighbors'. We were speaking specifially of "original Melungeons"
> You will note from the court record below there are no last names given
> these "Indians" [note it does not say mulattos] in 1745. Vardy and Buck
> said to have "taken the names of English settlers." While there is no
> these are the same people later called Melungeons, there is also no proof
> there were black, white, or Indian, at least not to my knowledge, perhaps
> Dennis has the proof?
> "Alexander Machartoon, John Bowling, Manincassa, Capt Tom, Isaac, Harry,
> Blind Tom, Foolish Jack, Charles Griffin, John Collins, Little Jack,
> being bought before the court for stealing Hogs. , Ordered that their Guns
> taken away from them till they are ready to depart of this county, they
> having declared their intentions to depart this colony within a week.".11
> pages 309-312 of Orange County Court Record book the above named men
> individually put up security.11
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