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Subject: Re: [Melungeon] J.G. Rhea
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 22:58:03 -0400
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I think he is writting from first hand knowledge, especially naming the
daughters of Vardy such as Etha Goins, or Etta Wife of Alexander Goins and
Letitia, wife of Timothy Williams. Jack

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> J.G. Rhea wrote: "Now about the Collins boy, I knew when I was a boy
Navarrh, or as he was called "Vardy" Collins was a fine old patriarch, said
to be of Portuguese nationality coming to this county with DeSoto--he
settled on Blackwater Creek and owned Vardy Mineral spring. I was at his
home often with other boys, his grandson. He was highly respected in his
time and founded a church at his home. He had sons. Etha Goins, Clarkia
Biggs, and Letitia Williams were his daughters. All had families and they
are one tribe.
> Another highly esteemed and venerable patriarch named Solomon Collins,
about the same time settled on top of Newmans ridge and was a thrifty farmer
and had a fine set of boys. Their names were Silas, Frank Dick, Bailey and
Enoch. Frank and Bailey were my chums and I used to go home with and stay
all night, they always had fine apples and plenty to eat and Aunt "Gincy"
their mother, baked delicious ginger cakes. In the course of events my
sister Melissa married Bailey Collins and they had sons and daughters and
one of their Sons is named Commodore Maury Collins and one of the best men
ever raised in Hancock County. Now if "Daddy won't tell you much about
them; ask "Granny" to sit down some time and tell you all about them."
> There is more to this letter, but this is the part everyone usually
publishes. The above Commodore Maury Collins, is Bud Collins, Martha
Collins dad. I'm not sure when J.G. Rhea was born, but he could have
picked this up from reading authors, the DeSoto connection I mean. We
can't know for sure what he was told by the Melungeon people I suppose.
> Penny
> Penny,
> Who is J.G. Rhea? When was he born? Would he have known Solomon Collins
was from Navarre?
> Joanne Pezzullo
> Ask not WHO said it
> Ask WHY they said it
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