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From: "Pat Elder" <>
Subject: RE: [Melungeon] re If the shoe fits
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 21:23:00 -0500
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Tim, again, I will be courteous with one personal reply and that will be it.
This whole thing, other than Courtney's question and my reply to her, has
nothing to do with Melungeon research or history. People get bored with
arguing and I particularly don't like being interrogated, however, if one
posts on a list, to me, it is rude not to respond .... up to a point.

You said, " imply dishonesty without evidence is another." I had said
Melungeons were marketed. I did not say they had been exploited, although
some people think, at least historically, they have been, but that's another
story. At least you realized I was talking to you, which also demonstrates
that two people read my words and one of them misinterpreted who I was
talking to (yes, Brent, you are who I mean in this case). The point was, if
I so choose, based on your earlier post plus what you said below, I could
have assumed, if I wanted to be negative about it, that you must think
marketing is dishonest since you immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion
that I had insulted someone by saying Melungeons were marketable. You made
it sound like I said marketing is dishonest, which I never said.

I work in a bookstore selling books. My husband is a retired analyst for the
U.S.Goverment although he now has a "retirement" career and it is in sales.
It is beyond me how anyone would think that I thought "sales" was a
dishonest way to make a living.

I can't control what anyone else thinks and wouldn't want to but I am
waiting for Melungeon T-shirts to turn up any day now. <ha>


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Subject: [Melungeon] re If the shoe fits

Pat Elder writes: "Quoting Tim, "The only reasonable conclusion, given the
absences of evidence to the contrary, is that Brent Kennedy, Pat Elder, and
other author honestly believe the conclusions they have reached. Debatable
conclusions are one thing, but toimply dishonesty without evidence is

The Pat writes, "You obviously have insulted a lot of people since it is
plain that you think marketing is dishonest."

Pat, explain this to me. How am I insulting you when you yourself quoted me
as saying we should assume you are honest?

Tim Hashaw
(Perplexed in) Houston, Texas

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