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From: "Roger" <>
Subject: [Melungeon] Fander Birds
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 17:10:04 -0500
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Hold on Curtis, you know there is more to the Melungee-Foo people story
that hasn't been told, in which case could go on and on. There was a
period of time in life of the Melungee-Foo whereby the Foo birds that
sat atop the natives heads were victims of a coupe de ta. It seems
there were some Fander birds that heard about the charmed life the Foo
birds enjoyed, and wanted a piece of the action. History dictates that
Fander birds came to the Island in force and toppled all the Foo birds
from their lofty perhes and one by one assumed their respective
positions. After a couple of days in their lofty places, one of the
Fander birds said to the other: "Why in the world would we want to sit
on the head of these disgusting, foul smelling natives?" "I don't
know." replied the other, "But I was told:

"What's good for the Foo's is good for the Fander.

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From: Curtis [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 10:19 PM
Subject: Re: [Melungeon] re If the shoe fits

One last "if the shoe fits . . ."

There were these Peace Corps types to went to the mystical "Isle of
Melungee Foo" . . . said to have been founded by Portuguese sailors and
the indigenous people who lived there first. The Island is also
inhabited by a very rare species of flightless bird that lives no where
else on Earth . . . the Foo bird.

By the time this Peace Corps guy shows up, however, all of the
dark-complected island people called themselves "Portugee."

Anyway, the ship that brings the Peace Corps guy can't get close to the
island because there is a barrier reef around it. Consequently they
have to drop him off in a small rubber raft, and he paddles ashore.

Coming out to meet him, down from the high ridge in the middle of the
island--decked out in their island finery and carrying long spears . . .
comes the whole tribe. They are, it has been said, the only ones of
their kind left . . . having been made there and never having left. The
only intermittent reports about the isolated Melungee Foo islanders
people have come from nearby island people who row up to within 100
meters of the shore to look at the mysterious people and their strange,
large birds. One thing that has been consistently reported is that they
ALL , , , ALWAYS have a large multicolored Foo bird sitting atop their
long, wavy black hair.

Anyway, nothing much is known about the people of Melungee Foo because
no one ever comes back from there. It is THOUGHT that when people have
visited or been shipwrecked on the island, they were simply assimilated
into the community. [Apparently the color of the skin of the people had
been becoming progressively lighter decade after decade.]

So, jump to the present. Here comes the new Peace Corps guy in his
raft. He paddles toward the shore and is amazed--first by the parade of
people to the beach, then by the fact that ALL of the people have a
large and rather ugly bird sitting on their heads. As he gets closer,
he can see that these people paint streaks down their foreheads and down
their backs, chests, and shoulders. Being an amateur anthropologist, he
immediately begins to compare their tribal "war paint" to that of other
tribes of indigenous people around the world. Before he reaches the
shore, he has remembered three or four OTHER tribes on OTHER islands who
were known for strikingly similar war paint. He remembers one tribe, in
particular, that was known to have disappeared . . . and he wondered in
delight if the Melungee Foo might not actually be the LOST tribe! He

"If I can just hear their language, I can take notes and compare their
languages and maybe I can publish my results! This is great! I'll be

But as he climbed onto the shore and the people circled around him he
made a horrible observation. The "war paint" wasn't paint at all! It
was BIRD POOP! Incredibly, the people were so primitive or ornery, they
just let those stupid birds sit on their head and POOP! Streaks
everywhere, leaving paint-like streaks from head to toe!

He was disgusted.

Suddenly, a Foo bird flew off the head of one of the older tribal women,
and landed square on his head. At first a little scared, he didn't want
to offend the people so he didn't shoo the bird away. The people were
all smiling. He realized that they wanted the bird to sit on his head.

But then the bird let loose with a nasty stream of bird poop and he
couldn't resist the urge . . .

. . .up flew his hand and he shooed the bird from his head.

Instantly there was a flash of spears, whoosh, whoosh. . .

. . . and into the poor Peace corps guy's body.

He fell dead at the people's feet.

Which only goes to show you . . .

When the



wear it.


Now stop arguing.

We have more important things to do if we expect to change the world
with what we know.

P.S. Newman's Ridge is NOT the acid test for Melungeonness . . .

. . . as we will all soon learn.


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From: Pat Elder
Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 6:23 PM
Subject: RE: [Melungeon] re If the shoe fits

Tim, again, I will be courteous with one personal reply and that will
be it.
This whole thing, other than Courtney's question and my reply to her,
nothing to do with Melungeon research or history. People get bored
arguing and I particularly don't like being interrogated, however, if
posts on a list, to me, it is rude not to respond .... up to a point.

You said, " imply dishonesty without evidence is another." I had
Melungeons were marketed. I did not say they had been exploited,
some people think, at least historically, they have been, but that's
story. At least you realized I was talking to you, which also
that two people read my words and one of them misinterpreted who I was
talking to (yes, Brent, you are who I mean in this case). The point
was, if
I so choose, based on your earlier post plus what you said below, I
have assumed, if I wanted to be negative about it, that you must think
marketing is dishonest since you immediately jumped to the wrong
that I had insulted someone by saying Melungeons were marketable. You
it sound like I said marketing is dishonest, which I never said.

I work in a bookstore selling books. My husband is a retired analyst
for the
U.S.Goverment although he now has a "retirement" career and it is in
It is beyond me how anyone would think that I thought "sales" was a
dishonest way to make a living.

I can't control what anyone else thinks and wouldn't want to but I am
waiting for Melungeon T-shirts to turn up any day now. <ha>


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From: [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 8:33 PM
Subject: [Melungeon] re If the shoe fits

Pat Elder writes: "Quoting Tim, "The only reasonable conclusion, given
absences of evidence to the contrary, is that Brent Kennedy, Pat
Elder, and
other author honestly believe the conclusions they have reached.
conclusions are one thing, but toimply dishonesty without evidence is

The Pat writes, "You obviously have insulted a lot of people since it
plain that you think marketing is dishonest."

Pat, explain this to me. How am I insulting you when you yourself
quoted me
as saying we should assume you are honest?

Tim Hashaw
(Perplexed in) Houston, Texas

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