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From: "Steve & Cindy Hartman" <>
Subject: Re: [Melungeon] Time for everyone to back off...
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 10:20:41 -0600
References: <> <00a201c3eed0$53582640$799a6444@endxokep>

Sorry, Dennis, I've replied to several of the 144 Melungeon messages I had
before seeing your note. But while it's true that there is a really fine
line being walked here, my personal opinion is that there is some
challenging going on, that needs to go on.

Taking one profession as an example, there are some doctors who think they
know it all, and have nothing else to learn. They dismiss any newer
information they were not taught in medical school, because it does not fit
the old mold. People ridiculed the doctor that suggested ulcers were
actually caused by bacteria rather than stress. Now it's accepted.

There are M researchers whose minds are closed to anything that does not fit
their old mold of Melungeons. And there are researchers whose minds are
closed to anyone else being as serious as they are, because people want to
joke a little. Maybe when we are goofing around, we should put "not serious
research" in the subject line :-) There are also posters whose minds are
closed to anyone but themselves being Melungeon or Melungeon descendants.
And then they try to conceal their identity.


> Okay, folks, I think that since my last note as list moderator there been
> some very good discussion that has taken place without anyone getting
> overheated, followed by some good humor all around, and I hoped the list
> would naturally move on to other things; however, that has not happened
> the tone of t he conversation is turning ugly. Time for everyone to back
> before it gets further out of hand.

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