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Subject: Fw: Family History - Tazewell County VA Roots and Connections
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 14:27:09 -0500

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Subject: Family History - Tazewell County VA Roots and Connections

The deadline has been extended! Please review information provided below:


You and your family are important to the Tazewell County VA Historical Society (TCHS) and to the Heritage Book Committee; so important that you are cordially invited to assist in the publication of the TCHS Heritage Book Volume II. If your family history appeared in Volume I, you do not need to submit it again unless there is updated information. All families with present residence, former residence, or roots in Tazewell County VA are asked to submit your family history to be published in 2006. Stories of not-more-than 500 words and one picture will be printed FREE for each family (please refer to #5 below). Guidelines are as follows:

1. Family histories should be computer-typewritten, double-spaced on 8 1/2" X 11" white bond paper (do not use onion-skin paper) with word count and name and address of person submitting the story shown at the end of your article. If you need assistance in writing your story, please contact a member of the TCHS ().

2. An IBM-type 3", formatted, floppy disk should also be submitted with the double-spaced article on the disk. It is preferrable to use Microsoft Word or Word Perfect, size-12 type to type your article. Your article will be proof-read by the TCHS Heritage Book Committee. There could be corrections to grammar and sentence structure if needed. However, the factual information will not be changed. We assume that your information will be accurate. If source material has been used, please note these sources at the end of your article.

3. Photos should be a black-and-white print if possible. However, we will accept 35mm color or studio-quality prints. Please identify your photos with a return address label on the back of the photo. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY IRREPLACEABLE PHOTOGRAPHS, OR XEROXED PHOTOS, OR FADED POLAROID PHOTOS. Lazer prints on photography paper are acceptable. Type the caption for your photo at the bottom of the last page of your story.

4. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope to have your photo returned. Please make sure that the photo fits the envelope and that sufficient postage is attached to the envelope.

5. ONE 500-WORD STORY AND ONE PHOTO ARE FREE. EXTRA WORDS are available at 10 cents for each additional word and $12.50 for each additional photo or one-column-wide block of photo space. NOTE: Each word counts as one word (including a, and, it, for, and by, etc.). The only exception to the word count is abbreviations: four letters/numbers or less = one word; five letters/numbers or more = two words. Punctuation does not affect this.

6. Our Heritage Book will also include church, club, or organizational histories, community histories, information on historical buildings, military history, special events, sports history, etc. These stories are entitled to 250 words and one photograph FREE. Additional words are 10 cents for each additional word and $12.50 for each additional photo. There will also be a memorial and business history section. Contact the TCHS () for information and prices on these pages.

7. Our Heritage Book may be ordered in advance for $55 to be shipped or for $50 to be picked up at the TCHS. ONLY THOSE WHO ORDER AND PAY FOR THEIR BOOK IN ADVANCE are assured of obtaining a copy. If any remain, the price, after publication, will be $65.


Tazewell County Historical Society - HERITAGE BOOK VOLUME II
P O Box 916
Tazewell VA 2465l 276-988-4069

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