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Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] Illegal Voting Trials- Portuguese
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 07:44:08 EDT


This is only MHO but I feel certain that Vardy Collins gave the 'legend of
the Melungens' to the journalist in 1848. This man stayed at Vardy's spa
-- he said Vardy "was the 'chief cook and bottle-washer' of the Melungens"
-- that does not mean that Vardy was giving *his ancestry* or whom his
descendants had married. I doubt that Vardy considered himself a Melungen
--- Dromgoole, Humble, etc., were convinced the Collins were Indians.

Vardy's wife who was known as 'Spanish Peggy' may have been from the Pee
Dee - Melungeons who came through Newmans Ridge -- she may have been one of
the Gibsons from there that had mixed with the Portuguese Boltons, Perkins,
etc., since those Gibsons DNA does seem to show a relationship to Louisa
Co., families. One thing that seems to be clear to me is the 'legend' as
told in 1848 has been proven to be 'spot on'.

The legend were the Melungeons -- the *original* Melungeons -- were
Portuguese Adventurers ( Bolton, Perkins, etc) -- who mixed with the Indians
(Collins, Gibson etc). This article was written in 1848 -- eight years AFTER
it was testified to in Marion County that Solomon Bolton was a Portuguese,
thirty some years AFTER the Ivey trials that claimed Portuguese ancestry.
In 1833 the Nickens petitioned the Wilson Co., Tenn., court claiming their
parents were Portuguese and in Maury Co., Tenn., in 1835 Thomas Hall
received a 'race affidavit' to prove he was Portuguese. These are the people
who 'came over the mountains from SC' stopping off on Newmans Ridge where
they mixed with the Indians. Someone with personal knowledge of the ancestry
of these people told that journalist the 'legend' -- Vardy Collins as
their leader seems the most obvious person.


In a message dated 10/20/2009 4:58:37 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

I said I was not going to reply to anything more on this subject because I
sure don't want Joanne and me to appear to be at odds because we aren't.
We like and respect each other's research.

I cannot imagine that Vardy, who died between 1850-60 told anybody
anything. As you know, Vardy is dna R1a haplo. That is not meant to say that he
had no other mix, but I, or anyone, would be just guessing what that was
until there is a reliable autosomal test. I hate to say this but everytime I
have dealt with the media I haven't recognized my comments when I saw them
in print.

"I have been too long barked at to be mindful of the noise."

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