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Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] Historical Records.
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 22:15:44 -0400
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> ### No Joaane you are making the assumptions. It plainy says in this
> indictment the charges were for voting in the election held in August
> 1845
> for Governor and Rep. The judges of the election made the decision to
> allow
> them to vote, the person who filed the charges was not named. The
> losers are
> normally the ones who challenge an election, that's not an assumption.
> The
> hearing where this was bound over to the Grand Jury was most likely in
> 1845
> we have not located the hearing. We have the records where this was
> turned
> over to the Grand Jury and their descision and the names of the Grand
> Jury
> who found them guilty, or you might say enough evidence to have them
> stand
> trial.
> ''The 1834 revised Constitution of Tennessee specifically disfranchised
> Indians, mustees, and mulattoes. The illegal voting charges and trials
> of known Melungeon families in Rogersville proves they did not escape
> this discrimination. After two separate juries ruled Wiatt Collins and
> Zachariah Minor not guilty the state dropped the charges on Solomon,
> Levi, Ezekial, and Andrew Collins and later dropped charges on Lewis
> Minor. The answer to why the charges were dropped is simple, they were
> brothers and cousins. Why try Lewis Minor after his brother Zachariah
> was found not guilty by a Jury? Evidence points to a probable pre trial
> deal between their lawyer and the state prosecutor on who was to be
> tried.''
> Is there anything in the records you have found so far that identifies
> these people as 'Indians, mustees or mulattoes? You don't know who
> filed the charges, you haven't located the hearing -- and do you know
> if they were charged because they were mulattoes or Indians, because
> the bottom line is this is what this is about right? Negro or Indian.

## No, the grand Jury indictment calls them colored and not allowed to vote
or to testify against a white man in a court of law. Indians, or mulattoes
are not mentioned in these trials or in the state legislation meeting
conducted by John McKinney, who were discussing free Negroes and McKinney
did not mention Melungeons as reported by Droomgoole. Jack

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