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Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] Fake Indian tribes
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2011 08:28:18 -0400
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The SOUTHERN CHEROKEE NATION OF KENTUCKY is ONE of the tribes listed as *fake* --- How could the MHS or the Cherokee Nation possibly know the ancestry of these people and whether they descend from the Cherokee people or not?

The link on the MHS site says this tribe is trying to 'pass off a letter of *tribute* by the governor as state recognition.' The fact is this *tribe* has been recognized by the State of Kentucky for over a hundred years. What the CNO and now the MHS are doing to these people of Cherokee heritage is shameful.

It was just over hundred years ago the Cherokee Nation -- *The Western Cherokee* -- were denying the heritage of the Eastern Band of Cherokee. Quoting from the "EASTERN BAND OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS v. UNITED STATES and another" Filed March 1, 1886

"Their claim, however, rests upon no solid foundation. The lands, from the sales of which the proceeds were derived, belonged to the Cherokee nation as a political body, and not to its individual members. ............*The Cherokees in North Carolina dissolved their connection with their nation when they refused to accompany the body of it on its removal*, and they have had no separate political organization since. Whatever union they have had among themselves has been merely a social or business one." (

Therein lies the motive behind the 'Fake Tribes' put forth by CNO and now the MHS. There may indeed be some 'fake tribes' as listed in the 200 but one needs to understand the Cherokee Nation does not recognize anyone whose family 'refused to accompany' them on the Trail of Tears. It doesn't seem to matter to the 'political body' that those who did accompany them then went off to other states to live the same way their brothers and sisters were living who 'did not walk' -- How many *card carrying* Cherokees today had families that *abandoned* the Cherokee Nation a hundred years ago? What is the difference between those who refused to go and those who went and then said "I ain't staying here"?

And yes Virginia there really is such things as Cherokee Princesses. Joanne

Joanne Pezzullo

Historical Melungeon Indians

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Sorry the last link was bad. try this one.



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