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Subject: [MELUNGEON] Indians
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 10:54:58 -0400

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Can we bring this thread to a close. The emails are now at a level that I don't
see as productive or helping anyone. I hate to bore other people on the site.


I would really like to see the thread continued -- Judging from my emails I am sure there are other list members that are interested in the thread and have questions but are afraid to post for some reason.

John B. Brownlow who should have known the Melungeons, and/or knew their history probably better than anyone, around the turn of the century wrote there was no doubt in his mind they were Portuguese and Cheorkee Indians. He heard this history from not only Judge Lewis Shepherd but also John Netherland

Joanne Pezzullo

Historical Melungeon Indians

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