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From: Mike Fields <>
Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] (no subject)
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 16:17:58 -0400


Great post and I agree 100%. I too have accepted who I am, and can see
evidence of all of these ethnic groups in my family. I look Mediterranean; I
have cousins that look African American, some look white, and some look
Indian. People in my family have always been curious about why we all have
the look of the different ethnic groups. That's why 2 of my cousins and I
started studying Genealogy. When I was growing up, I was constantly asked
where my family was from. I was asked if I was Mexican, Greek, Indian, and
everything else you can imagine. Same for my cousins. I had never heard the
word Melungeon until a few years ago. I don't feel my family tried to cover
anything up, but just passed down what they were told. And yes, I think some
of them moved to avoid the trail of tears and discrimination. A lot of the
Melungeons in Eastern Ky moved as far as they could from the Wilderness
Trail and even avoided taking that route all together.

Speaking of the Wilderness Trail.

Has anyone done any research on this? I'm just starting to gather
information about it, but would like to see what you all may have. This
comes right through the town I live in, and I have traced some of the route
between Barbourville and Livingston KY. Like I said above, it looks like
many Melungeons settled east of the trail, while many of Irish immigrants
settled next to the trail. This can be found in the Corbin and London part
of the trail here in KY. Right along the trail you see family settlements
like the McCargue's and McCarty's. The Fields, Shepherds, Begley's, Collins,
Gibson's, and Sizemore families settled East of the trail in areas like
Harlan, Perry, and Leslie counties, WAY up in the mountains.

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